Dennis Cole
Transpersonal Astrologer &
Life Management Consultant

Dennis' wishes to thank all the clients
with whom he has had a chance to share
time over the years and would like to take
this opportunity to offer some
of their comments.

What clients have to say

"Dennis, I must tell you, if the Universe wished to bestow such a gift on
someone as you display, then we all need to get in line and practice the
best of what we have inside ourselves to give honor to that talent.
Thank you for the confirmation I personally needed to be able
to listen to in the positive light you shared..." - A.H., MD

“...overwhelming gratitude and appreciation for you
and your gift fill my heart. Thank you.” - S.J., MI

"Dear Dennis, I listen to your tapes all the time -
you have been right on...” - E.D., FL

“These tapes have been particularly insightful for me.
Thank you so much for taking such care and time... you have
provided a wonderful support for me, Dennis...” - S.R., CO

“Your reading’s been incredibly accurate.” - N.M., NY

“Thank you for the tapes and your teletime. I am so grateful to
have you be a part of my life. Your positive attitude, kindness and
warmth have so many, many times brought hope
and understanding into my life...” - M.A., FL

“I just want you to know how much comfort and
hope your reading and tape have given me...”-J.D., NY

“As usual, you gave me so much information and advice.
I had been feeling very frustrated & anxious.
What you said hit home. I value your insight and
positive approach...Your readings always stimulate
deep thinking and provide me with a
sense that the Universe is in order.” - L.C., NY

“Tonight’s reading was very healing and affirming for me.
You’ve helped me more than you know.” - D.M., NY

“I feel the need to let you know how much
I appreciate you; our talks have been very helpful
in shifting my vibration to what is real
& positive & what I want.” - S.L., NY

“You are a wonderfully generous human being who has
learned to share and be in the Light !” - D.B., NY

“Somehow I feel safe and secure knowing you’re
in my life even though I check in once every four years.
As always your awesome ability and talent
depicts exactly where I am in my journey.” - M.C., MA

“Thank you for being a Beacon of Light and Love for
my friends and I ! You’re a positive force in the world....” - A.M., NY

“Thank you so much for everything you told me on
Sunday. You are so accurate it amazes me! “ - J.B., NY

“I remember clearly that day, nearly 20 years ago,
when my mother and I went to a Psychic Fair and
out of all the people there, we had chosen you to
do readings for us...You have had such an
enormous impact on my life...” - L.C., OH

“I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for the
reading you did for me in Toronto. I have listened to it
the last few days and wanted to express my sincere
gratitude and apppreciatuion and let you know
how very much I am enjoying it.” - D.N., Canada

“Your gift to help people who are open
realize what they are here to accomplish is
invaluable and amazing.” - A.T., NY


A Reading or Consultation with
Dennis can Help you to:
Discover your natural life focus potentials.
Create more loving, harmonious relationships.
Transcend limitations and fear-based ‘realities’.
Receive guidance about Love, Life, Work, Health,
Turning Points and Opportunities and what your
Inner Being most wants you to Know.

Dennis Cole P.O. 122 - AS Liverpool , NY 13088-0122, USA Phone # (315)-457-9141

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