Dennis Cole
Transpersonal Astrologer &
Life Management Consultant



Ask and It Is Given -
Learning To Manifest
Your Desires,

by Jerry and Esther Hicks
(The Teachings of Abraham

Metaphysics of Love -
The Journey to Meet Self (the book)
coming soon.
by Dennis Cole

Heal Thyself -
The Way To Healing
Through Spirit,

by White Eagle

The Power Of Now,
by Eckart Tolle


As A Man

by James Allen

The Way of The Essences
Christ's Hidden Life Remembered,

by Anne & David
Meurois -Givadan

A Course in Miracles,
by Foundation For
Inner Peace

Relating - An Astrological Guide
To Living With Others On
A Small Planet,

by Liz Greene
The Romance
In Your Name ,

by Juno Jordan
of a Yogi ,

by Paramahansa
Living With Joy ,
by Sanaya Roman
Seat of the Soul ,
by Gary Zukov
by JZ Knight
of Astrology

by Nicholas deVore
Seth Speaks ,
by Jane Roberts

A New Look at an Old Devil
by Liz Greene


Love is in the Earth
a Kaleidoscope
of Crystals,

by Melody
(THE Reference Book
Describing the
Metaphysical Properties
of the Mineral Kingdom)

Ralph Waldo Emerson,
Carl Jung,
Dane Rudhyar

A Reading or Consultation with
Dennis can Help you to:
Discover your natural life focus potentials.
Create more loving, harmonious relationships.
Transcend limitations and fear-based ‘realities’.
Receive guidance about Love, Life, Work, Health,
Turning Points and Opportunities and what your
Inner Being most wants you to Know.

Dennis Cole P.O. 122 - AS Liverpool , NY 13088-0122, USA Phone # (315)-457-9141

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