Dennis Cole
Transpersonal Astrologer &
Life Management Consultant

About Aquarius Services
Dennis is a professional Transpersonal Astrologer,
Metaphysical Consultant, Lecturer and Author.
Specializing in Relationships, Life Focus &
Self-empowerment Guidance.

Readings by Dennis reflect his deep interest in helping you get to the roots of your major concerns
and more consciously create the fun reality your soul desires. Dennis’ approach is very positive,
non - judgmental, spiritually uplifting and inspiring, to assist you in creating a more
enjoyable reality for yourself.

A Reading/Consultation with Dennis can give you the information needed to help you to get to the
roots of your deepest Life desires. This information can help you create a plan to bring you back
into Alignment with your chosen natural birth potentials that you may have put aside.
Thus enabling you to blossom into the reality which you intended coming into this glorious Life.

Whether you choose to structure your reading through his incredible knowledge of
Transpersonal Astrology or a consultation on relationships and self-empowerment;
you will find time spent will be a life-changing experience.

You may meet with Dennis at many local events, choose
a mail order reading, or a recorded telephone reading.


The Journey to Meet Self &


A Reading or Consultation with
Dennis can Help you to:

Discover your natural life focus potentials.
Create more loving, harmonious relationships.
Transcend limitations and fear-based ‘realities’.
Receive guidance about Love, Life, Work, Health,
Turning Points and Opportunities and what your
Inner Being most wants you to Know.

Dennis Cole POB 122- AS

Liverpool , NY 13088-0122

USA Phone (315)-457-9141

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