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Venus is the second planet out from the Sun. She has been referred to as Earth’s “sister.” After the Sun and the Moon, Venus is the third brightest light in the sky. In fact, under the right conditions she can cast a faint shadow on the Earth.

With a telescope one can see the changing phases which Venus goes through in relationship with the central Sun – similar to the phases we see with our Moon. Venus is in her brightest phase when she is high in the sky for a few months as the “Morning Star” (rising just before the Sun), or “Evening Star” (setting just after the Sun).

Although Venus is the closest in size to Earth, compared to the other planets in our Solar System, our somewhat smaller “sister” would not support life as we know it. Her high temperatures and toxic gaseous atmosphere would not support life.
Venus is the Roman goddess of love, beauty and grace. She is also associated with the Greek, Aphrodite. Ancient civilizations held her as the goddess of fertility, as well as beauty and femininity.

Astrologically, Venus is associated with the Moon. Both bodies influence our emotions and our refined and gentler characteristics. In Transpersonal Astrology Venus and the Moon are symbols associated with the Jungian “anima” or th feminine/soul side of our nature. Whereas Mars and the Sun – opposite polarities of Venus and the Moon – are associated with the “animus” or masculine side of our nature.

Venus is symbolized by the “circle of spirit” sitting atop the “Cross of Materiality,” thus anchoring the Sun or Spirit to the Earth where its creative power can manifest in form.

Venus represents the cosmic principle of attraction. She is the ruling planet of the signs Libra and Taurus, as well as the “exalted ruler” of Pisces. As such, some of these Venusian traits tend to stand out in these three signs.
Everything in creation has its opposite polarity potential. So when Venus is acting out with some of her negative potentials, such as when there are “squares” or negative aspects (angles to other planets) to Venus, or it is in “retrograde,” then there can be experiences in relating that do not manifest as; harmonious, loving, considerate, fair and cooperative. Free will is always a factor. There’s an old saying in astrology: “The stars impel – not compel.”

Venus plays a key role in Astrology’s branch called “Synastry.” In Synastry we can see areas of potential harmony and discord in relationships. Compatibility potentials are revealed in chart comparisons. This is so because the planets are symbols of psychological driving forces. The “Sign” a planet is in shows temperamental tendencies and how the planetary energy is likely to be “colored” or modified, for good or not-so-good - depending on the connections or “aspects” with other planets.
Venus’ sign and aspects somewhat describe our significant others and relating experiences in life. She also reveals our values and aesthetics. People born with a prominent Venus such as Venus conjunct the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, tend to have artistic potentials - at least a deep appreciation for the arts, things of beauty and for harmonious relationships.
Venus and the Moon in a man’s natal horoscope show, by signs involved, the kind of woman he is attracted to and may find a more natural harmony with. They somewhat symbolize the “Anima” or “woman” side of his nature. On the other hand it is Mars and the Sun in a woman’s birthmap which reveal what she may desire or find attractive in a man – a reflection of her transsexual side or “animus”; her inner masculine side of her personality.

When we have not owned our underdeveloped and unconscious “stuff” (symbolized by Saturn in the birthmap of our seed potentials) then it is not likely that we will be able to integrate and work harmoniously with our inner feminine and masculine sides. This results in “animosity.”

This process of integration is of extreme importance in how our relationships progress.
Synestry, or chart comparisons for compatibility potentials, compares the various planets and the “elements (Fire, Earth, Air & Water) of the signs the planets are in. Earth and Water (Yin or feminine signs) are generally compatible in any combination. The masculine or Yang Fire and Air Signs also tend to be more compatible in any combination with planets in those elements.
On the other hand, for example, a water sign Venus in comparison with the other person’s natal Fire sign Mars would create a lot of “chemistry” but a lot of crisis, blockages or developmental tensions. Fire and Water can create a lot of “steam!”
We commonly compare the male’s natal Mars (and sign element) with the female’s natal Venus to see if there is some long-term chemistry potential.Mercury (symbol of our “perceptual antenna”, thinking and communicating) is very important to consider in Synastry evaluation. All the sexual compatibility in the world would not be much fun if there was difficulty in communication.

Comparisons of “Sun signs” is very important for the enjoyment that can be created between two people. Moon sign compatibility reveals the innate moods and habit patterns, thus the capacity to play mutually supportive roles and live together.
These planetary comparisons do not always match up. And this is good, for if everything was perfect there would be no contrast and opportunity for growth. A Synastry comparison by an experienced Astrologer, however, can give a person the information that can help them to decide on what they value in a relationship and whether it feels like something to go ahead with or not.

Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist, used astrology to get to the roots of some of his cases. His grandchildren, also psychiatrists, used astrology. Dr. Jung performed a test in which he examined the horoscopes of 483 married couples (966 individuals), and the horoscopes of 483 pairs of charts of people who had never met. Using Synastry and comparisons, looking for harmonious bob's infos among Venus, Mars, Jupiter, the Sun and Moon, he was able to score 97 percent accuracy in choosing the married couples in the random and coded mix in these 1932 horoscopes. Two of the couples in the control group which he had picked as married, later met and were married.

Because the symbol for Venus has the “circle of spirit” over the “cross of materiality,” it seems logical that a lasting, mutually-rewarding love cannot manifest if the sacred or spiritual is not an integral part of the Earthly union. Many think of “love” in terms of, “I want.” But true unconditional Love (our highest state of Grace) involves wanting to give and share Love. As one spiritual source has suggested: “Love allows trust, trust allows surrender.”Venus and Love are synonymous. When you love someone - or something you are actually appreciating them. Unconditional Love, appreciation and Source energy are essentially the same. The “Metaphysics” of Love is letting go of resistance, choosing Love over fear and a belief in separation, and choosing thoughts that create Joyful feelings in the holy Moment. When we are vibrating Love/Appreciation, we are in alignment with our source or Inner Being - the unique perspective of God/Goddess/ All-That-Is That We Are.

The Love and desire to be with someone is a reflection of a deeper urge, we all share, to unite with the Universe in full intimacy. We can find this Love in our ever-present Now. When we integrate our unconscious “stuff,” and then our male and female Inner Partners - when we put this “Inner Marriage” first, and no longer need “others” and Life, to be certain ways in order for us to feel Joy, then we will experience heaven on Earth! Albert Camus said: “I shall tell you a great secret, my friend: Do not wait for the ‘last judgement,’ it takes place every day.” A couple thousand years ago an enlightened master was asked about “When is the second coming?” His response was that, “The second coming doesn’t come by observation... heaven is within you.”

When we realize our Oneness and put this “Inner Marriage” first, then we are no longer vibrating with resistance. Then, because of the Universal “Law of Attraction,” the conditions and “siblings in spirit” relationships that come into our Life must align with this Unconditional Love.

In Oneness, Dennis

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