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On March 13, 1781 Uranus was discovered by an English Astronomer named William Herschel. It was the first planet discovered after the invention of the telescope.

Uranus and the other planets stand as symbols of psychological driving forces. The planets in Astrology do not cause things to happen in our Earthly lives. Instead, they show timing, in accordance with the aphorism: “As above so below...,” or “... on Earth as it is in heaven.

The planetary movements - compared to where they were at the birth moment of anyone (or any thing) reveal, symbolically, when we would be psychologically “ripe” to be thinking in certain ways. And what we think or focus Consciousness upon, we attract! An old saying in Astrology is that,
“The stars impel, not compel.”

In his book “The Art of Synthesis” by Alan Leo, he states: “... the Planets may be classified in terms of the three departments of human nature, action (will), feeling and thought.” Carl Jung refers to these as the three functions of consciousness: “Feeling, acting and thinking.” Some Planets are stronger in one of these departments than others. However, Uranus is unique for being equally strong in all three functions.

Uranus is the first of the three outer or “transcendental” planets, which were probably not known to the ancients. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were so far out from the Sun, at the center of our Solar System, that they could not be seen by the naked eye. However, Uranus can be seen on occasion but it is a very faint light as seen from our Earth, at approximately 2.87 billion Kilometers distance.

There are 27 Moons orbiting around this 7th planet. Uranus orbits the Sun in just over 84 years; therefore averaging about 7 years in each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. It is about to complete its 7 year cycle in the 12th Sign, Pisces in 2010 and 2011. Due to retrograde motion, Uranus “the Awakener” will enter the Sign of new beginnings, Aries, on May 28, 2010; but will retrograde back into Pisces on August 14, 2010. Then, on March 12, 2011 it will transit back into Aries until May 15, 2018. Then it enters the next sign, Taurus, until November 6, 2018. Then the final visit back into Aries runs to March 6, 2019, at which time it enters the Sign, Taurus for about 7 years.

We mention these dates in which Uranus will be in Aries in order to give you an idea of timing - for the potential individual and social significance of this transit of this “New Age” planet, Uranus (ruler of Aquarius), in this sign of action and new beginnings, Aries.

Astrology has been called an “Algebra of Life” and a “study of time pieces.” Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist, referred to it as “the mother of psychology.” So we will discuss some of the individual and social potentials of this 7 year cycle of “seed potentials,” by synthesizing some of the keynotes attributed to the planet, Uranus and the Sign, Aries.

Uranus is unique, not only in that it is the first planet to “break away” from the 7 Ancient “Planets,” beyond the boundaries symbolized by Uranus’ child Saturn; but because he is “different” by virtue of the fact that he revolves around the Sun with his poles facing the Sun (due to a near 98 degree tilt of axis).

So, Uranus and the sign he rules, Aquarius (an “Air Sign”) has much to do with such things as: Revolution, independence, atomic energy, explosive energies, tornados, earthquakes, pioneering, inventions, research, science, humanity and humanitarianism. Also such things as “marching to own drummer” and “thinking outside of the box.”

The United States was “born” with its July 4th Sun in the Moon’s Sign, Cancer. And the U.S. natal moon was in Uranus’ Sign, Aquarius. So, some of the keynotes of this 7 year cycle may be especially significant for the U.S.

The planet Uranus is the ruling planet of the U.S. leader Barack Obama’s natal chart.

President Obama was born with Aquarius “Rising” and with “his” planet Uranus, coming into Aries, the sign of leadership and new beginnings, it would seem to bring Obama as well as the U.S. into significant focus.
We’ve mentioned some Uranus/Aquarius Keynotes; now let’s bring some Aries/Mars key words into the picture before we synthesize all for clues to what’s coming up over the next 7 years:

Aries is: leadership, Spring, emergence, new beginnings and the impulse to be. It is associated with the ego, competition and war (at least the destruction things that war can bring). Aries rules the head in the physical body (while Uranus and Aquarius tie in with the ankles and the legs (below the knees).
Now, if you synthesize some of these keynotes associated with the Sign, Aries, with keynotes of the planet, Uranus, you might be able to intuit some of the natural manifestations which are likely to take form within the idea that, “to everything there is a season.”
In this synthesizing process, however, it might be helpful to consider the Talmud’s words: “Everything is foreseen but free-will is given.” Edgar Cayce expressed this as: “Nothing supersedes the will.”
There are two basic “camps” in Astrology: “Event-centered and “Person-centered.” Event-centered folks tend to view these symbolic patterns as “predictions of what’s going to “happen?” Whereas the person-centered reality views these patterns and symbols more as revealing “seed potentials,” depending upon how much one has evolved beyond judge and blame, and learned that we create our own reality based on what we think about most.
In Transpersonal Astrology we are more of the Humanistic or person-centered perspectives even though we can see natal “seed” potentials as well as turning points as revealed through the progressed and transiting planets.

Okay - here we go - these are some of the highlights that come to mind for this Uranus through Aries cycle:
• Emergence of more humanitarian leadership, as well as a new focus on the rights of every person.
• Development of new friendships, as well as a more widespread increase in Self-reliance.
• A renewed willingness to go forward with one’s goals
• “New Age” approaches emerging for personal growth and leadership.
• More people are likely to be willing to take a “person-centered” approach to Astrology and Life - more willing to assume responsibility for personal experiences.
• More “New Age” (“Green”) companies and organizations coming onto the scene.
• People are going to pull together in new revolutionary ways that, in the past, may have been called “Thinking outside of the box.”
• New uses for atomic energy, as well as expansion with solar and wind power sources and innovations,
• Aries companies (like GE) coming out with more pioneering breakthroughs that will be helpful to mankind.
• Suicide bombings may come more into focus - perhaps new approaches to dealing with such threats. (Much depends on whether we’re focusing on what we want - or on what we don’t want!)
• New companies - with more humanitarian intentions - are likely to appear on the scene.
• Unique new health and exercise clubs and group activities.
• Exciting new additions to health clubs that center around physical group enjoyment.
• Breakthrough in the Insurance and Healthcare fields.

• Many individuals are likely to understand the true meaning expressed in the Christian Bible’s Luke 17:20, 21 (That “heaven is within” - that that is the “second coming”!) Also expressed, in essence, in the Bhagavad Gita IX-22.

A key turning point could unfold around June 6, 2010, or shortly after, when transiting Uranus aligns with Jupiter and the Moon in the powerful Spring Equinox point - the 1st degree of Aries.

Then, on July 21, 2010, transiting Saturn will move back into Libra (the Sign of relationships, law, treaties, cooperation, marriage and other contracts) for a few years. Then Mars will join Saturn on July 30th - all in opposition to our Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in that Aries first degree of the Zodiac; and the Moon comes into Aries to “trigger” these opposing planets on that July 30th.

This can suggest the beginning of important new levels of awareness about the need for, consideration, cooperation and commitment, in our legal, social, political and personal relationships. A powerful, explosive time, calling for people on the planet to seek new levels of truth and understanding in our relationships. These factors are stirred up again on the weekend of August 7, 2010 when transiting Venus enters the Sign, Libra and conjoins with Saturn and Mars in opposition to our planet, Uranus, in that first degree of Aries. This symbolizes a potential – as with all things – for a sudden break in relationships, or an exciting new breakthrough with others. Much of this should be observable in business and political, as well as social and personal relating experiences.
One positive, manifestation of this new social and international impulse to be, could be in terms of more peace and understanding. More of a willingness to understand and accept differences in religious and cultural perspectives. More of an opportunity for expansion of outlooks on human relationships.

The quote:

“Diplomacy is the art of letting others have your way:”

May help to
diffuse the
potentials for
conflict and
this time period and, hopefully,

In mid June of 2012 when transiting Uranus forms a Square (90 degrees) aspect to Pluto in Capricorn there is likely to be the start of some explosive situations involving power, nuclear power, government, regulations, businesses and leadership. The ideal ultimate outcome for humanity would be that this could turn out to be a constructive crisis.

May we all learn to be more “Self-ish” during this 7 year cycle. In other words to listen to our hearts, and, in Joseph Campbell’s words: “Follow (y)our Bliss” without fear. And, allow others to be “them-Selves.”
This can be an opportune time to truly begin to “walk our talk” with the “Golden Rule.”

In Oneness, Dennis

In Oneness, Dennis
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