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The Collective
Significance of
Uranus In Pisces

XXIn our last column we discussed some likely manifestations in our Earthly experiences, as symbolized by transiting Neptune in Aquarius. Now we will look at some of the potentials for transiting Uranus in Pisces.
00Much of what was keynoted in our last column will apply to our Uranus in Pisces cycle! Why? Because currently (from March 10, 2003 to March 11, 2011, when Uranus moves into the next Sign, Aries) the planets Uranus and Neptune are moving through each other’s Sign. This is called “mutual reception.”
XXUranus was discovered by Sir William Herschel on March 13, 1781. It is the first of three “transcendental” planets that are not visible to the naked eye. It is the first planet that “breaks away” from the confines of Saturn at the visible boundary of the “7 ancient planets.” And because the symbolic meanings of the planets are not only derived from their mythology, but their orientation in the solar system as well, Uranus and its Sign of rulership, Aquarius, are associated with revolution and independence.
XXUranus’ equator is inclined 82 degrees to the plane of its orbit around the Sun. As such it is also associated with being “different” or “unusual.”
XXAquarians are also viewed as independent and as “marching to their own drummer.”
XXUranus is considered to be the “higher octave” of Mercury ...just as Neptune and Pluto are considered to be the higher octaves of Venus and Mars. These three outer planets are associated with spiritual and mystical states of consciousness beyond the usual limits of ego and personality; hence, “Transpersonal.” So, for example, the distinction between Mercury and its higher octave, Uranus, would be similar to knowledge versus wisdom, and sight versus clairvoyance.
XXEach planet and its sign of rulership is associated with parts of the anatomy. Uranus is associated with the parathyroid gland, the brain and nervous system, as well as electrical emanations. Uranus also governs the lower legs from below the knees down to and including the ankles.
XXUranus and Aquarius are associated with such things as: Pioneering, science, inventions, research, chemistry, astrology, humanity, individuality, freedom and independence (the U.S. July 4, 1776 chart has an Aquarian Moon, which can symbolize a home based on revolution, freedom and the rights of individuals). The Sign Pisces is associated with such things as: Spiritual, Love, Oneness, the past, compassion, the hidden or mysterious in Creation, and Oneness Consciousness. So, by synthesizing some of these keynotes we can get an idea of some of the potentials in this cycle. Always with the Talmud’s idea in mind: “Everything is foreseen but free will is given.”
XXUranus has been called the “cataclysmic planet” and the “Awakener.” It usually symbolizes events that are sudden and unexpected. However, in Transpersonal Astrology -or Life- there are no “bad” experiences, except that they originate within us under the Universal “Law of Attraction” (“As ye sow...”). In other words, there are no “victims” and when we learn that we each have the free will to choose positive thoughts, then we may be more likely to accept 100% responsibility for all of our “mirrors.”
XXThe only “karma” “ in a deeper sense” is in how we deal with our “past” - our “279th other lifetime” in our multidimensionality, or our childhood, etc. - is, “How am I thinking about it right Now!?” NOW is the holy Moment where the God of our Be-ing - our Consciousness- resides. How we choose to view a situation, right Now, Now-Now-this will determine the essence of our “future” Now’s!
XXWe can focus on what we want, or choose to focus on what we don’t want! Life “ Source Energy” will bring to us in accordance with either thought!
XXOur Life will not get any better than right Now until right Now gets better. Think about that! Now is our point of Power in Eternity. The power to create the Joy our Inner Being has intended. And how do we do this?
XXWe begin being deliberate co-Creators and Allowers by remembering that, as unique Expressions of All-That-Is, we are worthy! Therefore we can believe and expect support for our desires under the Truth of “Ask and it is given.”
XXTeachers in the Non-Physical tell us that Life’s purpose “ which is to learn to feel Joy on purpose” unfolds as we learn to “look for the Silver Lining” in everything. The Joy expands as we develop the habit of, “following the trail of thoughts that feel increasingly better.”
XXWhat we think of as “stumbling blocks” in Life are always “stepping stones” in disguise. With Uranus transiting through Pisces “ as well as the related transit of Neptune through Aquarius” it can be a time for Humanity to find breakthroughs in such areas as we’ve discussed. It can also be a “season” for something I learned many years ago in meditation: In my mind I said, “Gee, God, how can I give You a big hug?” Before the words were completed in my mind, I “heard”: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
XXDuring this “New Age” cycle from March, 2003 to March of 2011 - and especially with the culmination of Pluto’s final alignment with our Galactic Center this October, 2007... many of us may feel more spiritually awakened to our Oneness. And Oneness Consciousness allows Unconditional Love to blossom.
XXUnconditional Love may be the only thing that does not change in this “Onward into Forever” expanding Creation. It has been defined as our highest state of Grace!
Under this powerful cycle of transformation may we find the Blessings of Love and Joy as we expand more into our knowing that we are All unique Expressions of God/Goddess/All-That-Is.

Namaste’, Dennis

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