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by Dennis Cole
Transpersonal Astrologer

I The Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, suggested that: “Anything born in a given moment in time bears all of the qualities of that moment in time.” This synchronicity is widely understood in Astrology, which, by the way, Jung used to help with some of his more difficult cases. Astrology, like Psychology, is an art-science tool, and Jung referred to it as, “The Mother of Psychology.”
When we take our first breath (voluntary existence) and activate our DNA - our natal horoscope of intended seed potentials - we, and Nature at that time, are One. The planets, and their angular relationship to each other and the Earth, form our “birth mandala.” They stand as psychological driving forces and reveal temperamental tendencies and how we are likely to think - thus revealing the kinds of relationships and experiences we are likely to attract. Access to this knowledge of birth potentials is important, because one of Life’s greatest stressors is a lack of a sense of meaning to personal existence.
However, we have access to more free will when we understand that our birth map, time and location, was our choice - for the Joy of participation in the Eternal Process of Ceativity and growth. With this knowledge we are more likely to accept 100% responsibility for our heredity, our environment and all of our experiences. Then we will be more ready to accept the Talmud’s: “Everything is foreseen but free-will is given.”
This 100% responsibility for our choice of thoughts and experiences and relationships these thoughts attract into our lives, can free us from the judge-and-blame approach to Life. Responsibility can free us from living by default. It helps us to own our power to consciously co-create. These “person-centered’ perspectives are a part of “Humanistic” and “Transpersonal” Astrology, whereas the “event-centered” viewpoint of Astrology tends to be more “fated.”

So, how does our
birth map reveal
our movement
through time?

How does Our unique Perspective of Source Energy “blueprint” reveal the seasons of the psyche? The answer lies in the symbolic and actual movements (“transits”) of the planets after the birth moment.

We compare the aspects (angles) of the planets movements with their locations at birth. The Sun, Moon and planets reveal an observable parallelism between the timing of events in Nature’s predictable cycles and with what takes place on Earth (“As above, so below...”)
The Symbolic movements are what are called: “secondary progressions” and “primary directions.” These systems consider that one day of Earth’s rotation is equivalent to one year in time.
These symbolic movements, when compared to key natal points and planets, can reveal what, in essence, we are psychologically “ripe” to experience. Even the outer events of our lives originate in our inner choice of thoughts! The influence of progressions and directions are usually longer duration than the actual movement Transits.
The Transiting planets, in relation to where they were at the birth movement, can show, symbolically, when some inner or outer event is ready to take place - under the idea that, “To every thing there is a season.”
We interpret some of the ways a Transit might naturally manifest, by synthesizing keynotes for the natal and transiting planets involved. Also, we factor in keynotes for the “Signs” (“scripts” for the planetary drives) and “houses” (areas of Life involved), as well as the “aspects” (angular relationships) involved in the transit, as well as angles to other planets. The Aspects show whether the transiting cycle is likely to be difficult or productive. For example “Squares” (90 degree angles) can be difficult, and “Sextiles” (60 degree angles) can be productive. Our free-will choice of thoughts at the time are a huge factor in how it will work out. Another factor, is whether the planets involved are “malefic” or “benefic” in nature.

leeway as
to how
“good” or “bad”
a transit
may be

For some people who have learned and grown from similar patterns of experience, a so-called “bad” or “crisis” type transit could turn out to be constructive. Astrology’s greatest gift is for Self and Spiritual Knowledge.

Attitude is everything! James Allen wrote: “Think good thoughts and they will quickly become actualized in your outward life in the form of good conditions.”

Let’s look at an example of how we could look at a transiting planet in order to gain some insight into a probable future condition”

President Barack Obama was born when the south lunar node (symbolic point that ties in with “past” lives) was in the 28th degree of the pioneering, revolutionary, humanitarian Sign, Aquarius. “Coincidentally” this is exactly conjunct the United States 7-4-1776 chart natal Moon! This shows a re-evoking of his “past” humanitarian, revolutionary, Spirit and strong connection with this country, to potentially finish some unfinished business relating to freedom and the rights of individuals. It suggests that he can play a supportive role, at some new pioneering level this time around.

Now, it happens that every 164 years transiting Neptune (the Pisces ruling planet of Spirituality and Oneness, as well as ocean, gases, oil, confusion...) conjoins this 28 degree Aquarius point. This conjunction came very close in the summer of 2009 but formed an exact conjunction around mid-March of 2010. Then Neptune went past this point (so critical to our nation and President) until it stopped and turned retrograde on the last day of May, 2010.

Now, in July - August of 2010, Neptune is back and the retrograde conjunction has occurred. Conjunctions can be unifying (cap the oil well, etc.). Neptune will go forward again beginning on Nov. 7, 2010 and will again conjoin the US Moon and the President’s south lunar node in January 2011.

What does this highly significant transit suggest? Well, Nov. 7, 2010 may, amongst other things, have something to do with elections. The January, 2011 conjunction certainly would include big business and government. In any case, for out country as well as the world in general, these times of unification are primarily about wanting to crystallize our goals and dreams. The opportunity is there for coming into a more unified social and spiritual consciousness. An opportunity to clear up past deceptions and to begin to think more in terms of our Oneness on this small planet.
May we all use this time to get more in touch with the “golden rule” as we begin to realize that we always attract based on our choice of thoughts.

Oneness Consciousness can remove fears and help to bring forth our highest state of Grace: Unconditional Love.

In Oneness, Dennis

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