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In our Galaxy, the “Milky Way,” there are estimated to be from 100 to 200 billion stars. The “Sun,” at the center of our Solar System is one of those stars. It - and we - are located about 24,800 Light years out from The Galactic Center. We on Earth are about 81/3 “light minutes” from our yellow dwarf Sun. This means Earth is an average distance from our “star” of 92,960 miles (A “Light year” is the distance light travels in one year, at its speed of 186,000 miles per second. This equals about 6 trillion miles!)

Now imagine a distance that would be covered in 100 Light years, and we will arrive at the length of our Galaxy (600 trillion miles). Our Galaxy’s thickness, at center, is about 10 Light years or 60 trillion miles.
Some scientists estimate the number of Galaxies in the observable Universe to be around 200 billion. so, this would suggest that the number of Sun-like stars in observable Universe would be about 200 billion x 200 billion or 4 x 1022 (22 zeros).

A few years ago a new kind of dwarf Galaxy was discovered. These nearly invisible galaxies - their dark matter - seem to outweigh the matter in the bright galaxies by a factor of 100 or 1000. For our Milky Way Galaxy the estimated factor was 10.

Scientists, by measuring the gravitational effect of this deduced dark matter on ordinary matter, believe that the dark matter could contain make up 85% of the total mass in the Universe.

We’ve looked at some of the scientific perspectives concerning our Sun and its place in the Universe; now let’s take a closer look: Our Sun formed about 4.57 billion years ago by a rapid collapse of a hydrogen molecular cloud. Its main elements consist of hydrogen and helium nuclei. There is also an abundance of heavy elements such as uranium and gold. Most of the elements in the Universe were synthesized by nuclear reactions inside the stars. The Sun’s core mass, due to temperatures near 13,600,000 Kelvins (compared to its surface temperature of around 5,780 Kelvins or 5,500 degrees Centigrade), creates nuclear fusion. This combining of hydrogen into helium releases high energy gamma rays (photons).

The Sun’s volume would hold about 1,300,000 Earth’s and its mass would be equivalent to about 332,946 Earths.
These theories about the magnitude of the observable Universe and stars are very interesting, but one wonders how they might tie in with the aphorism: “As above, so below, as below so above?” And how might they relate to Carl Jung’s: “The Self is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.?”
These questions are addressed in Transpersonal Astrology and Metaphysics. For example, Dane Ruhyar - who pioneered Humanistic Astrology, defined Astrology as an observable parallelism between the timing of events in the Universe and within us (my paraphrase). He called Astrology, “The Mother of Psychology.” And a wise Master Teacher, a couple thousand years ago, when asked, “When is the second coming?”, responded with: “The second coming doesn’t come by observation, heaven (the Kingdom) is within you.”

In Astrology we do not focus so much on the “fixed stars” as we do on our star, - the “Sun” and its “satellites” - the planets, asteroids and moons in our Solar System.

Planets (“the wanderers”) are symbols of psychological driving forces. And the meaning behind “Signs” (12 sectors of space along the ecliptic or apparent path of the Sun around the Earth) tend to “color” or modify the drives of the planets that align with the Signs.

The most important “planet” in Astrology is the Sun. At the center of our Solar System, the Sun stands as a symbol of creativity, life force and will power. The Egyptians considered the Sun (“Ra”) to be a major deity. Hindu literature describes the Sun (“Surya”) as the visible manifestation of God. The Greek God of the Sun (“Helios”) was adopted into their mythology by the Romans as “Sol.”

The Sun and the planets have yang and yin qualities, and a number of qualities fall under each planet. For example the Sun is a masculine/yang energy and “rules” such things as: Authority, leadership, personal power and pride. He also relates - along with the Sign Leo which he rules - to children, romance, entertainment and play.
Anatomically, the Sun governs the heart, thymus, lower back and circulatory system.

Our “Sun sign” somewhat describes our father and, along with our Mars Sign, “animus” energies and traits a woman would desire in a man. As such - you may have noted - there is a tendency for a woman to marry a man who somewhat (not always consciously) reminds her of her father!

Our Solar conscious “destiny” (we “wrote it” before arriving here!) is reflected down to Earth through our natal Moon sign “script.” And the maternal feminine /yin qualities of the Moon, along with Venus, tie in with the “anima” (the feminine qualities hidden in the male). Hence, the tendency for a man to marry or be attracted to someone who has some of his mother’s traits.

When the time of birth is not known, a Solar chart can be calculated. This places the Sun at where the rising sign or Ascendant would be located in a birthmap where the time and location of birth was known. “Solar charts” are interpreted more in terms of adult character development and creative Self-expression perspectives. Solar Astrology is what is used in newspaper and magazine horoscope columns. A Solar chart can be quite revealing - especially when one understands that Astrology is an “an algebra of Life.” And, as such, there are a number of keynotes that can be “plugged in” to any configuration. Astrology can show only “seed potentials.” The Talmud expresses this quite accurately in the statement: “Everything is foreseen but free-will is given.” And Edgar Cayce said: “Nothing supersedes the will.”

The Sun as the symbolic center of the “Solar system of our Being” can be very revealing as to the essence of our “Soul’s Game Plan.” This is especially so when we look at the Lunation phase at birth. (Lunation phase refers to the cyclic dance between Genesis’ “Lights,”- the Sun and Moon. And a “birth” can include such things as: A business, a marriage, a first meeting of someone.. as well as the birth of a child.)
Which of the 8 Lunation phases we took our first breath (voluntary existence) under; e.g. New, Crescent, 1st Quarter, Gibbous, Full, Disseminating, 3rd Quarter, or Balsamic phase, can reveal how we can best deal with our daily personal, social and cultural relating challenges. Our natal Lunation phase does show, symbolically, our “destiny.” (This, in the Spirit of Carl Jung’s: “Free-will is the ability to do gladly, that which I must do.”)

If you haven’t figured it out between
the lines yet - the answer to the age-old,
“Is it fate or is it free-will?”
- it is always free will!

As an example of some birth potentials under one of these Lunation phases, we can look at the birth map of President Barack Obama. He was born with the pioneering, humanitarian, intelligent, “march-to-your-own -drummer” sign of Aquarius on the Ascendant. This alone shows humanitarian leadership potentials. But, back to his Lunation Phase: He was born with the Sun, powerful in its own sign, Leo. And this willful, creative, leadership sunlight was shining down to Earth through his Gemini Moon Sign. With his Moon 70 degrees behind the Leo Sun, he came in under the 3rd Quarter Phase. In essence, this suggests a Life focus in which he will want to embody his ideas - his philosophy and truth - into practical, organized workable systems or institutions. (More on the President’s potentials can be found under “Articles” at

The Sun and planets can be progressed, symbolically, to reveal our cycles of life. This means we can also progress our natal Lunation phase, through the other 7 phases, and then progress them through the Zodiac again about every 29 years or so. These cyclic progressions, and transits, show when we are likely to be psychologically “ripe” for change and new conditions, etc.

Another forecasting tool is called the “Solar Return.” This consists of computing a chart when the transiting Sun returns to the exact degree, minute and second of longitude that it occupied at birth. This is done once a year around the birth day and it shows, by comparing the Solar return planets to the natal horoscope, times in the year ahead in which experiences and attributes in certain areas of life are likely to “trigger.”

The secondary progressions of the Sun begin at birth. The Sun moves symbolicallt almost 1 degree per year, and there are 30 degrees in each of the 12 Signs. So, at an age of a few months, to as much as age 30 – depending on whether one is born early or later in one’s birth sign – everyone’s progressed sun will move into the next Sign. The natal influence will still remain but the “coloring” of the next sign will then come on for the next 30 years, and then the next Sign and Shift of focus comes into play.

The Sun and its Sign Leo, are associated with the paternal instinct, the Ego, pride and ways we can be a bit showy. The Sun has a lot to do with our basic Life purpose. (And that is Joy.)

As with all Signs, there is always a choice of living out the negative, or positive potentials. Carl Jung suggested: “We spend the first half of our lives discovering ego; the second half, learning to relinquish it.”

We’ll close for now with some relevant words of wisdom from James Allen, which I feel epitomize the essence of this Solar energy we all share: “As a being of power, intelligence and love, and the lord of his own thoughts, man holds the key to every situation, and has within himself the means of transforming himself into what he wills.”

In Oneness, Dennis

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