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We continue in our series on the "seed potentials" of Life experiences for each of the 12 Signs of the zodiac. Libra is featured in this Issue. We will look at some excerpts from my book, "Sun Sign Potentials – A Guide to Understanding Self and Others"
Our focus will be on Libra’s relationship to the 3 other Signs which form a cross of 90 and 180 degrees to Libra. Using these we can somewhat describe the "WHAT, WHERETO, HOW and WHY?" of Libra's Life.
To learn more about this Solar Astrology approach to interpretation, in which
the time of birth is not necessary; you may refer to the summer 2012 Issue, pg. 25,
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(Sept. 23 – Oct. 22)
This 1st Solar House Solar House cusp relates to the "WHAT" of your
current Life's intended Focus

Your sign Libra is an active air element sign. Meaning that you may have a tendency to take direct action with current situations, and that you possess a significant degree of intellectual-social energy. Stimulating activities, ideas, social connections and communications can, therefore, be important facets of your life Plan – your natal birth map of "seed" potentials! Venus is the ruling planet of Libra. And this factor has a lot to do with your need for shared love and harmony in your life; and especially, your need for cooperative, stimulating and balanced close relationships.
You learn much about yourself through marriage and other close associations. This stands to reason because much of your life's activity and new beginnings involves others who are close to you in some way.
You have the ability to diplomatically take the initiative in starting, and maintaining, a relationship. You probably have a natural gift for expressing ourself when you are with people whom you feel a close rapport. You also have public relations talent potentials, and there is a good chance that you will come before the public, or deal with people publicly through your work.

Your creativity and individuality seem to blossom when you collaborate and work in cooperation with others. Your gifts include a strong sense of balance, fairness, and the ability to appreciate others' viewpoints - respect their values. Whenever you're in a crunch, it may prove helpful to examine your values.

Truly you are a person who can feel a need to be with someone - to share enjoyable and loving experiences with others. It's no wonder, then, that much of your life's energies are put into relationships. You also have a strong appreciation for beauty, the arts, music, and the more refined things of life. You may possess an artistic talent; music or art for example.

You naturally seem to get involved with people, yet you also need to be free and to be an individual. Your goals and friends, group activities, meeting people, and exchanging ideas and communicating - these, too, are important factors in your life.

These stimulating interactions stem from Aquarian and Gemini energies within you. You share many traits with these zodiacal "cousins," including intelligence and a need for a degree of independence and freedom. In your social involvements you have a natural tendency to diplomatically take charge and create balance. You're a born peacemaker, moderator, "ambassador", and "referee." Coarse or crude people are not for you, and you may tend to avoid such people, as well as inharmonious circumstances - when you can!

You understand others' viewpoints, and you can be quite charming and well-mannered. However, if you feel that you - or others – are not being treated fairly, you have the courage to fight for justice. Speaking of justice, you are likely to have some significant involvements with legal matters, contracts, or the law at some point in your life. And since your Sign isassociated with beauty, and your planet Venus tends to attract, it is possible that you might get involved or interested in activities having to do with harmonizing, beautification, and bringing people together.

Although you are likely to have your fair share of relationship tests and responsibilities, you are likely to eventually find harmony and love. One of your keys to social success and relationship fulfillment is to learn cooperation and fairness. "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you" is very much a Libra statement. Your life energies are tied in with your relationships and, anatomically, with the kidney regions.

You, Libra, more than the other 11 Signs, have an innate potential to benefit through the application of Winston Churchill's: "Diplomacy is the art of letting others have your way."

Aries 7th House Cusp Influence
This 7th Solar House information relates to the "WHERETO"of your
current intended Life's Focus

You attract an active, action-oriented, "do-it-now," type partner. Your mate is fiery, courageous, impulsive and somewhat impatient.

This partner of yours will likely be involved in many new beginnings. You will probably experience many renewals, in some way, associated with your relationships, or through your mate.

Your partner has a competitive spirit, and there are times when this may show in negative ways; for example, a lack of consideration, diplomacy, or appreciation of others values. Many things are done by partner in their own way. And your partner tends to "march to a different drummer" when it comes to their goals, friendships, and social activities. Applying the words of Khalil Gibran might be helpful for you to contemplate, then. He wrote: "In your togetherness let there be spaces and let the winds of heaven dance between you."

The better side of your mate's competitive nature can show up as initiative, courage, creativity and leadership. At times your partner shows a high degree of wisdom or understanding. Also, this is a person who can be dramatic, entertaining, philosophical, and with a natural ability to use psychology and humor. Although you may have some heated discussions, at times, with your mate, you are enabled to learn much from each other. Through your close relationship, your partner may learn to be more aware of their strong ego, and to be more considerate ofothers' values. They may also learn how to "weigh things" a bit longer instead of always acting impulsively or impatiently. "On the other hand" (as you might say), you can learn, through your close relationship experiences, to be a bit more decisive and willing to commit yourself to one side or another of an issue! You can also learn to be more self-assertive and to rely lesson passive aggressiveness. (" I don't care - which do you prefer.")

It's likely that you'll pour considerable energy into your relationships. This can be to attract attention, but it can also be to get your mate to share activities and experiences with you.

There's a good possibility that you could enter a relationship rather suddenly or marry at a fairly early age.
Both you and your mate can lead quite active lives; and your relationship will probably involve a considerable amount of shared activity and new beginnings. Therefore it might prove beneficial to consider the wisdom in Victor
Borges's: "Laughter is the shortest distance between two people."

Capricorn 4th House Cusp Influence
This Solar 4th House Information relates to the "HOW" of your current
intended Life's Focus

Two major turning points, known as "Saturn returns" in our lives, occur around age 29 or 30 and, again, around our late 50's.For you, Libra, ambitions or career could be involved during those periods. Relationship matters could also be involved. It's likely that property, home or family will be in focus. Some of the keynotes covered in this Capricorn section can apply to these major life turning points:
You probably take home and family matters quite seriously and you may, at first, experience delays and difficulties therein. However, as time goes on these same areas have the potential to become a significant source of fulfillment. Also, as time goes on you can become more practical, disciplined and successful. At first, however, your struggle may be for security, personal harmony, and stabilization. You may even seem to get younger as you age.
Your family is probably quite respected. You probably like your home to look good so that others will respect you for your work to make it look nice. And you do like your home to be organized, balanced and a place of beauty and comfort.

It's likely that a good deal of your tests, hard work, and frustrations, will in some way tie in with your home and family. Certainly this could manifest sometimes, as hard work in, or for, the home and sometimes family difficulties and responsibilities calling for your support.
You could also work hard in a career in order to have the kind of home you want. Some of your drive for success and respect may be as a result of your need for family approval or love. Your parents and your marriage family seem to have a strong influence on your driveto get ahead. These people are hardworking, conservative and ambitious.
Under this Capricorn 4th House energy, you have the potential to operate a business from the home – especially as time goes on. And since Astrologyhas been referred to as an "Algebra of Life", we can also plug in other valid variables to that Capricorn 4th House "equation". For example: Your work could involve dealing with property or other forms of responsible support for others. It could also involve a lot of hard work to establish a stable "base of operation"; and this can include personality integration and deep realizations, such as :Heaven is within."
Again, your career or ambitions for fulfillment, may be connected with home, family, or responsibly helping others to get onto their feet. On that note, the "Course in Miracles" states that, "Everything I give, I give myself. This is Salvation's simple formula.” That is, if the "giving" is from the heart.

Cancer 10th House Cusp Influence
This Solar House influence relates to
the "WHY" of your current intended
Life's Focus

You probably have a deep need to be appreciated or respected for your social nurturing of others. This includes a need to be respected for your home and family accomplishments. Family has a strong influence on your drive for successand approval.

Your work and achievements could involve nurturing or helping others, in some way, to get onto their own feet. Your work might also involve land home, food, or families in some way. At times you may find that your home or family, somehow, ties in with your career or ambitions. At one time or another, you may even operate a business from your home.

You tend to aim for fulfillment through home or family. You also tend to be sensitive about how you appear in the eyes of others. You may tend to view a home as a symbol of your status or accomplishments. On the other hand, you may also feel a need to be successful or respected in order to feel stable. Your family or spouse tend to help nurture your drive for success. It may prove helpful to realize that the ultimate "success" is Joy!

Finally, Libra, may you find the social connections, love, harmony and balance which are so important to your life. May you accomplish this even as you learn to emerge as a self-expressive, decisive, individual.
One who is willing to bring the whole of who they truly are into their relationships. Perhaps your emerging self-expression and individuality will work out best as you bring them about with honesty, fairness, consideration, kindness, and unconditional love!

In Oneness,

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