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We continue in our series on the “seed potentials” of Life experiences for each of the 12 Signs of the zodiac. Gemini is featured in this Issue. We will look at some excerpts from my book, “Sun Sign Potentials – A Guide to Understanding Self and Others.”

Our focus will be on Gemini’s relationship to the 3 other Signs which form a cross of 90 and 180 degrees to Gemini. Using these we can somewhat describe the “WHAT, WHERETO, HOW and WHY?” of Gemini’s Life.

To learn more about this Solar Astrology approach to interpretation, in which the time of birth is not necessary, you may refer to the summer 2012 Issue, pg. 25, of the Metaphysical Times, or go to and click on “articles”.

(May 21 – June 20)

This 1st Solar House Cusp relates to the “WHAT” of your current intended Life Focus

Yours is a mutable air sign, Gemini. This means that beyond any additional qualities you may have - associated with planets in other signs, your underlying qualities are adaptability and flexibility, and your underlying tendencies are intellectual and social in nature. Your life energies are tied into the anatomy through your nerves, upper chest, lungs, shoulders, arms and hands; as well as through the senses in general.

You will have some of the tendencies of your two air sign “cousins” in the Zodiac - Libra and Aquarius. These include interests and experiences involving loving, harmonious, relationships, public or social activities, friends and goals.

Your ruling planet Mercury, relates to the principle of connectivity or association, as well as to the mind, intelligence and communication. Mercury has been referred to as our “perceptive antenna”.

Although you are somewhat of an easy-going person, you probably take pride in your ideas, intelligence and your communicative skills. You may desire respect for your mind - and for the ways you relate to and deal with your daily contacts and circumstances. You are a thinker!

You have an active assimilative mind and you’re alert and quick-witted. You’re curious about many things. You are able to use your gift of intelligence and adapt to a variety of circumstances or situations with initiative and spontaneity. Often you can come up with original ideas and interests. Sometimes you say things twice - you repeat yourself! Sometimes you have a tendency to do two things at once. For example: texting while hiking, or cooking while talking to someone over the phone. You may have a tendency to use your hands actively when you express yourself. You do need to be active with your mind or hands. Mental and social stimuli are likely to be important factors in your life.
You’re an active, changeable, individual - sometimes to the point of becoming unreliable. A youthful spirit, you value your freedom and independence.|

Much of your life’s activity centers around words, ideas, communications or connections in some form or another.

You’re not likely to stay in any one place for too long. This may be especially true of your childhood. Change and variety can be a natural part of your path through Life.

You always seem to be open to new ideas and interests. Often you will be involved in more than one activity at a time. For example, talking with someone while on the phone with another person, or receiving a call waiting while on the phone with someone else.
You are probably always going to be active - especially intellectually and socially - and you will likely stand out, verbally and intellectually. Your vitality is closely tied in with your mind and your nerves.

Any brothers or sisters would not only play important roles in your life, they would also be somewhat like you in nature and in their expression and experiences.

Sagittarius 7th House Cusp Influences
This 7th Solar House information relates to the “WHERETO” of your current intended Life’s Focus.

You tend to attract a partner who has a sense of humor. This person is rather religious, philosophical, creative, and probably shares your interest in travel and activity.

Your partner is a natural teacher and psychologist type. This person is optimistic and often over- extended. Sometimes this is because they think that they can do more than is possible in a given time.

Your mate or partner is adaptable, yet sometimes a bit blunt or out-spoken. This is not usually intended to hurt but it is a result of their frankness and tendency to get right to the point. Truth, freedom and understanding are important matters to this Sagittarian type person They may also like the outdoors, sports and social creative functions.

Partner could be someone from a distant place or country. You could meet your partner while traveling or through a social creative function - or college. It would also be natural to travel with this person.

You’ll probably please your partner by being your adaptable, communicative, self. Partner will appreciate your intelligence, fairness, objectivity and willingness to talk things over. Through your marriage, or other close associations, you learn to expand your outlook on life. On the other hand, people who are drawn closely into your life can learn to sometimes put aside, some of their lofty ideas and philosophies, and to deal more with everyday reality, including neighbors and relatives.

Generally, you are lucky through your relationships - although you may tend to have more than one person on your mind at times. Certainly you gain much wisdom - you learn a lot about life - through your relationships.

Virgo 4th House Cusp Influences
This 4th Solar House information relates to the “HOW” of your current intended Life’s Focus.

When it comes to matters relating to home, family, property and future foundations, you tend to be more down-to-earth, more practical.

You can work hard for stability. Chances are good that you’ll be more involved in work, training, self-discipline and good health practices as time goes on. Your crises in life are actually giving you opportunities to build a solid foundation and roots for your future. Many of your crises are associated with mother or family. Your mother and family tend to be practical, intelligent and hard working, although they may, at times, be a bit critical or tend to get hung up on details. There can be a number of changes (or repairs) relating to your home. This may also take the form of a number of moves in your lifetime. Hard work, self-discipline, training and service to others can help you to feel more stable. At some point in your life you may find yourself doing some kind of work, or a service, from your home. This might also be work relating to families, homes or property. It can also take the form of doing a lot of hard work in or on your home.

Your work can often take the form of helping or nurturing others in some way. You can put much feeling into your work and your work does tie in with your emotions.

Pisces 10th House Cusp Influences
This Solar House influences relates to the “WHY” of your current intended Life’s Focus
You can sometimes be very dreamy and idealistic about what you want for fulfillment in life. You can also be very confused at times, or have self-doubts about your ability to find fulfillment. At times you may sacrifice your fulfillment for the sake of others. You may also tend to delay certain ambitions in order to do what you feel looks “right” in the eyes of others.

Many of your dreams tie in with your secret or repressed ideals for success or respect. Sometimes these dreams impel you to take more action on your ideals when you are awake.

There may be secrets or something confusing associated with your father, your work, a boss, or some authority figure.

Your father is an idealist, a dreamer, spiritual and sometimes confused - or confusing. He can be sensitive yet of service to others who may be in need.
There are times when others see you as being unrealistic or confused. You or others may be somewhat confused about your status, your career, or ambitions. At times there may be secret or confusing circumstances centering on your reputation or ambitions.
You may not be too ambitious to compete or to obtain high social status. However, you can gain respect - perhaps status - through your ability to be flexible, and through a concern for helping others who may be limited or confined in some way!
Compassion, sympathy, and a sincere desire to help others whom you feel are in need can bring rewards, success and fulfillment to you. Creative visualization and faith can help you to find fulfillment or success in life. Keeping in mind that “success”, ideally, involves Joy!

Finally Gemini, may you truly find enjoyment with your mental pursuits, your daily activities and your social contacts. Yes, live life to the fullest in the here and now! In the process, however, you may find even more fulfillment and happiness as you also become willing to widen your horizons by searching for the deeper meanings to life, and discovering the underlying order behind your daily activities and relationships.


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