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We continue in our series on the Signs of the Zodiac with the Sign, Cancer. Our interpretations are based on the placement of the Sun at the Eastern horizon at the time of birth. Then all of the other planets and the Moon would be in their relative angular relationship along the ecliptic and they would fall into one of the 12 “houses” - each of these houses representing a “department” of Life Experience.
In our Solar Chart approach, the Sun placed at the Eastern horizon, is where the so-called Ascendant or “Rising Sign” degree would be if we were to do a “natal chart” (one in which the time of birth is known).
Solar charts planetary placements in the Zodiac, along the ecliptic, are approximately in the same signs and degrees that they would be in a natal chart. The difference - unless the person was born at Sunrise, in which case the Solar house cusps would be somewhat aligned with the natal cusps - the difference would be that the same planets in Signs would fall into different departments of life. For Example, the marriage, career, money, romance, health, etcetera, “houses.”
Solar horoscope interpretations with the Sun on the Eastern horizon, tend to be interpreted more from an adult character development or Solar perspective.
To learn more about some of these basics, you may wish to go to the archieved articles on and look at the July 2011 article in Metaphysical Times.
For further information on this series and its “WHAT - WHERETO - HOW - WHY?” approach to interpreting the Sun Signs, you can refer to the archived articles, mentioned above, for Metaphysical Times, Winter 2011, pg. 3
These articles are based on information in my forthcoming book, “SUN SIGN POTENTIALS - A Guide to Understanding Self and Others.”

June21 - July 22
This 1st Solar House Cusp relates to the “WHAT” of Your Life Focus)
Your Sun Sign Cancer, is said to be an active water sign. This means you’ll have an emotional tendency to act with initiative and directness on new situations. And your approach will usually be based on feelings or emotion backed by will power. Your ruling body, the moon, relates to the subconscious, to receptivity, domesticity and your reigning needs in life, and how you go for them. Your life energies are closely tied in with your stomach or breast areas. Your moods tend to change quickly. Sometimes you tend to withdraw into an emotionally-protective psychological “shell.” This may often involve your sensitivity or your pride. At other times you can be very jovial, optimistic, and outgoing. You may be quite philosophical and somewhat of a natural psychologist - teacher type. Humor will help you to better adjust in your relationships with others. By being open to growing, learning and widening your horizons, you should find opportunities to creatively serve and nurture others in some way. You can understand and feel what others need, and it’s natural for you to spend quite a bit of your time in helping others to get onto their feet or to become more stabilized. Much energy is put into personal foundations for stability. You have a tendency to take home and family matters personally. You will fight for home, family and stability. Much of your creativity and life energy is put into these areas. Sometimes it seems your “love” is your home and family. This can include people when you feel “at home” with. On the other hand you can pour much loving energy into a romance once you feel stable with the situation. You tend to associate romance and love with nurturing, loyalty, good food and so on. At times you can be quite dramatic in expressing your feelings.
Loyalty is important to you. You probably have a strong desire to know what you’re building for with loved ones. You may have a strong interest in roots. This might include history, family, your country and your home town. Sometimes this interest might show up in the area of antiques.
You are a natural collector of things - You have a tendency to hang onto things. At times you cling to loved ones, perhaps to the point of “smothering” them.
You are emotional, psychic and have a natural ability to manage and nurture others. You can help people who are limited, or confined in some way.

You are a
“detective,” a puzzle-solver and

You probably are curious about some of the mysteries of life - including past mysteries. Your life can be very spiritual and inwardly centered. Your father and any children you might have will possess many of these traits and tendencies of yours.

Capricorn 7th House Cusp
(This 7th Solar House information relates to the “WHERETO” of your current intended Life’s Focus)

At age 29 or 30, and again in your later 50’s you’ll probably go through some major changes. These changes may involve career or social ambitions. They can also involve marriage, partnership, relationship, or public matters. Some of the following highlights, mentioned in this “whereto’’ section may be keynoted during these major life turning points:
You have the potentials to attract an older, or more serious or business-like mate. This partner or spouse is cautious, reserved and interested in respect and getting ahead in the world. Your mate simply needs to be an authority in some area. And the respect associated with this authority, or position can be (consciously or unconsciously) associated with love. Your mate has a practical approach to life and is basically a responsible and organized individual with a great deal of perseverance and executive capacity.
This mate that you attract is an organizer who may feel a need to be in control in most situations. This is an ambitious person who likes to have things and experiences which will be useful.
Success does not come easily for your partner although they’ll likely make it to the “top of the mountain” eventually. Fortunately the delays your mate experiences are accompanied by a tendency to get younger with age.
You have a tendency to take marriage seriously. And it can be somewhat of a responsibility for you. However, through perseverance you may become less sensitive and emotional, and develop a more down-to-earth objective outlook as a result of your relationships.
You have a tendency to want a partner whom you can be proud of - a person who is successful or respected. Since you are cautious and discriminating about marriage, you may experience delay in getting married. You probably have more than what seems your fair share of tests, frustrations and delays in your relationship experiences. Some of your main growth experiences in life come through your relationships; and this can include with father or bosses as well as in legal matters. In any case, your main lessons include: Cooperation, consideration, and diplomacy (versus emotional withdrawal).In short, learning fairness, proper use of power and to practice the “Golden Rulel”
As you pass these tests you may find that you’ll begin to earn a great deal of practical fulfillment and respect in life - especially through your close relationships with others.
At some point in your life you could become involved in social or public-related work. Your work could tie in with business or administration. In business you might form a partnership. You could also be involved in a business with your spouse. You will probably appreciate the earthy, practical and responsible qualities that your partner can evoke. In whatever areas of work with others you may find it natural to be supportive of these close associates. You are capable of finding some fulfillment through your partner’s success and status. Both you and those close to you could benefit through the words of Winston Churchill:
“Diplomacy is the art
of letting
others have your way.”

Libra 4th House Cusp Influences
(This 4th Solar House information relates to the “HOW” of your current intended Life’s Focus)
You probably feel a strong tie with home and family. These can be important stabilizing keynotes in your life. Other stabilizing needs can include: Love, hugs, harmony, cooperation and marriage. All of these keynotes are likely to become more significant factors in your life as time goes on. A stable relationship or marriage, as well as harmonious, comfortable and beautiful surroundings are important needs to support your other activities out there in the world away from home.
Good food in harmonious surroundings and company can help you to feel rooted. You may tend to have a well-stocked cupboard, freezer and refrigerator. However, it is helpful to you to show balance in your life and try not to overindulge in food or drink. Sometimes this may happen as a substitute for satisfaction of lacking emotional needs in other areas of your life - especially harmonious relationships. You may have a somewhat sensitive stomach, and your emotions and some of your food habits may sometimes tie in with any problems in this area. You need to “mother” and be mothered by your partner or others who may be close to you. You probably feel a great need for things to be fair in the family environment and to have family cooperation and a willingness to build together. Loyalty would be very important to you at the family level. At times you can become attached to some of the items of beauty which you collect around your home. Your home can be surrounded by trees, shrubbery - or perhaps a fence - due to your natural tendency to contain things. There can be water near your home.
All in all,
you are, by nature, a domestic and protective person - especially protective of those who are close to you.

At your roots you are a harmony-seeking, loving, soul who needs to be close with those whom you consider to be family. Your partner can become a natural member of your original family.

Aries 10th House Cusp
(Relating to the “WHY” of Your Life Focus)
Your desires for personal fulfillment, respect, attention and success can take up a considerable amount of your energy. Much energy can be focused into work and reputation and you can be impulsive in these areas. You are likely to be very aware of how you appear in the eyes of others. You need, and are likely to experience, considerable change and new beginnings relating to your social ambitions, career and drive for fulfillment. Sometimes you may lose interest in what you are doing - especially after the novelty has worn off.
You are able to be a leader and show initiative in your work - or other areas calling for responsibility. At times you may experience some difficulty or danger in relation to your father or a boss. Sometimes this may be more in the form of someone’s anger or violence.
It’s natural for you to have a strong desire to be respected by others, for who you are and for what you’ve accomplished. To receive attention or admiration from others would certainly be to your liking!
Your ultimate fulfillment, however, could come from Self-control, Self-respect, and Self-Love.

In Oneness,


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