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Autumn Greetings!
In this issue we will continue in our series on the 12 signs of the Zodiac, with Virgo.
To learn more about this Solar Astrology approach to interpreting our "seed" potentials, you can refer to the Metaphysical Times Summer 2012 Issue (pg. 25). These are also achieved and you can find that Issue online by going to and click on "articles."
Again, we will look at some excerpts from my book, "Sun Sign Potentials A Guide to Understanding Self and Others," with a focus on the four major Signs that relate to Virgo's: "WHAT - WHERETO - HOW AND WHY" approaches to the essence of this life's focus.

August 23 - September 22
This 1st Solar House Cusp relates to the "WHAT" of Your Life Focus.
Your Sun sign, Virgo, is an adaptable earthy sign. In other words you can be flexible, intelligent, discriminating and practical. Your ruling planet, Mercury, relates to the analytical and discriminating conscious mind, intelligence, assimilation and communication. Your life, like the last days of Summer in which you were born, can focus on growth and development. This discipline, personal training and growth, then enables you to adapt readily to the world of others. Often this can be through some form of work in service to others.

So much of your life’s energy is poured into self-discipline, personal development, learning, and work. In fact you can grow well as you overcome crises. And crises situations - whether work, health, "critter" or otherwise related - often seem to be your approach to growth. Harmony through conflict!

You have a tendency to analyze, structure, categorize and control things in your detailed drive for order. Perhaps that’s why you attract imperfection - so you can “do your thing” and try to perfect it, or him, or her. Of course you also have a tendency towards self-perfection. There is a saying: "Perfection is the antithesis of creativity."

Your “cousins” in the Zodiac are the two other earthy signs, Capricorn and Taurus. From them you inherit such qualities as perseverance, ambition, determination and loyalty.

Negatively, your need for order can manifest as an excessive preoccupation with petty details. Sometimes it comes out as nagging or complaining. Sometimes as criticism, sarcasm, and even self-criticism. Mark Twain said: "I've seen a lot of problems in my days, most of which never happened."

So you can see, your inborn talents for discrimination and methodicalness can be used for good or bad.
Sometimes it might help you to realize that there is probably an overriding “Hand” and order in Creation. There is a reason - and a season - for everything and everyone is connected in some way.

Life is pretty important and sometimes you will benefit by not taking it quite so seriously. Having some fun and play periodically is good for both your personal growth and your health – not to mention, your relationships!

Sometimes your inclination to analyze, categorize and perfect can come out in rather mundane ways. For example, you may find yourself while dining, unconsciously brushing the crumbs into a neat little pile and pinching them onto a plate as you sit and talk with others. This sort of discrimination and structuring will not likely hurt you nor others. However, complaining about some facet of the meal - or the weather, and so on, this does hurt you, as well as others! James Allen wrote: "There's no room for a complainer in a Universe of Law." And the most Universal of all laws, Virgo, is the "Law of Attraction" ("Like attracts like")!

Because you are practical and discriminating, many of your negative complaints may be kept to yourself. This, of course, would come out, in the long run, as some form of “dis-ease.” Whether this is in the area of health, work or otherwise - it all stems from within! By changing your thinking you will find an amazing change in your outer experiences. The Universe is unfolding as efficiently as possible for the benefit of the Whole. This is true because we all attract in accordance with our choice of thoughts. This, in spite of any tendencies to complain and sometimes think that there isn’t Order.

Although your brushing the crumbs - or straightening a picture can be rather mundane manifestations of your energies, you do have a gift. This is an ability to take the initiative in dealing with details and practical organization. You are very capable of applying much energy and creativity into new work situations, personal development, and other practical new beginnings. Obviously work is a keynote in your life; and this can become a great source of Joy and creative fulfillment for you, as well as for those whom you serve.

We all have a love for certain things. For you this can involve such things as your work, your training and disciplines, maybe even your pets! You can take pride in these areas. You can shine at your best when you are able to be creative in your work, or in service to others.

To get to this point of discipline and self-development, so that you can joyously serve others, there are prerequisites. You will find that you will do better when you discriminate and observe Nature’s laws. This includes a need to view the body as a Temple. In order to become an active participant in positive Creations, there is a need to find relative balance between Body, Mind, and Spirit. Voltaire gave one key which could help with this balance when he said, “All things in moderation, nothing to excess.”

You probably will feel a need to be respected for your hard work. This includes a need for respect for your practical intelligence and organizational powers. You are capable of leadership, initiative and creativity in your work. And the respect comes through discipline and generosity motivated by service to others, based on the highest standards of quality.

Whether in one place, or many, you are likely to see many new beginnings relating to your work and personal development.

Virgo is associated with the intestines and abdomen, and where the life is not disciplined the soul may try to get your attention to the need for letting go of resistance to change, through anatomically related problems: Colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, colon cancer or constipation for example. So, King Solomon's words of wisdom can prove helpful to you: "A cheerful heart doeth good like a medicine."

Pisces 7th
House Cusp Influences
(This 7th Solar House information relates to the "WHERETO" of your current intended Life's Focus)

You attract an emotionally-giving, sensitive and idealistic type of partner. Your mate or partner - anyone whom you may have a close relationship with - would be the type of person who sometimes gets caught up in the past. Also, partner can confuse, or become confused, at times. This person can sometimes become quite emotional and protective - not to mention, secretive.

Your mate may sometimes show a “what’s the use of trying” attitude. On the other hand, spouse or partner is capable or leading a spiritually-rewarding life, and often can help others in some way.

Before this person in your life can begin to succeed, they may have to learn to overcome self-doubts, self-pity, emotionalism or fears. Perhaps they may best do this be realizing their spiritual inner connection with all people and Creation.

Your mate’s ideals begin to be realized more as they evoke more of a “Thy will be done” attitude, and as they lose themselves more in selflessly helping others. Your partner also grows by adopting some of your practical, discriminating, hardworking habits. And you grow by occasionally being open to your mate’s tendencies towards compassion, feelings, and a capacity to tune into the inner worlds – the spiritual and the abstract. Through partnership experiences and influences you can learn more about faith and idealism. Through your mate you may learn to loosen up more emotionally. You may learn that life can sometimes be lived quite enjoyably without always getting caught up in details or analyzing everything.

Your mate and, possibly, some of the children and co-workers who come into your life, have likely been with you before. And through these close associations you will more deeply realize the spiritual significance of others.

As you occasionally let go of tendencies to get caught up in words, plans, explanations and details, you may begin to learn to “see the bigger picture” in life. You may reap the rewards of personal growth and inner peace through well-timed balancing of the practical details with the Universal perspectives.

Sagittarius 4th House Cusp Influences
(This 4th Solar House information relates to the "HOW" of your current intended Life's Focus)
Your family - especially your mother - in some way, has a strong influence on your outlook on life. This includes the moral, spiritual and psychological foundation you are developing.

As time goes on you are likely to become more interested in religion, philosophy, psychology and other forms of higher knowledge and understanding. In addition you’re likely to be more in need of freedom, travel, the outdoors and, possibly, some form of writing or teaching. You may even end up living in another country or place far removed from your birth place. Other later interests may include medicine, travel, work, law, speaking, or some creative service to others. You can be generous in nurturing others. There is likely to be travel and distant communications associated with mother or family. You have luck or can benefit, through mother or family. Also, through property. You would appreciate a spacious home. You could enjoy a home in the country or where you could have some freedom and space. You need this “elbow room” in your home, and, in some way your home can attract people from distant places - including other countries.
Your mother, and family in general, values honesty, has a sense of humor, and a tendency to get to the point. She may have to learn not to “step on others' toes” however, with her philosophy. For she can be a bit outspoken at times!
Truth, freedom, knowledge and understanding are important “cornerstones” in the foundation you are building in this life. These will make you feel more secure and rooted, and will better enable you to “do your thing,” which is to reach out actively in service to others.

Gemini 10th House Cusp Influences
(Relating to the "WHY" of Your Life Focus)
You need to be respected for your intelligence, your ideas, and your ability to assimilate and deal with immediate situations in your work or social activities. Yet this full respect or recognition seems to take some time before it is achieved. You may have a need to be remembered for what you can accomplish with your mind, your ideas, or your hands.

Perhaps there is a delay in this recognition because of your flexible, serving nature! Or perhaps it is due to your innate shyness or nervous nature!? It could also be because you sometimes have more than one ambition, or career, on your mind. You could easily be involved in two major areas of expression for fulfillment in life.

Your work not only involves striving for respect for your creativity and original ideas; it also allows you to communicate and to meet a variety of people.

Your father is probably an intellectual, youthful, freedom-loving, person who tends to view life in an objective manner. He is likely to be significantly involved with people, words and ideas. And his work can involve helping others who are limited or confined in some way as he sees them.

Finally, Virgo, may all of your hard work and crises situations bring you to a point of pure discipline and balance.
Yes, continue to work on self-development, but by also being willing to “get out of self” and helping others who are in need, you are likely to create a much needed inner harmony. And, yes, continue to discipline self, discriminate and work hard! However, by learning to occasionally escape from this routine and relax – without a negative or critical attitude – you will bring much more balance and inner peace into your life. By letting go, periodically, and loving yourself, you will ultimately be better able to love and serve others.

In Oneness,

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