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The Collective
of Saturn
In Virgo

ooAs we move in from the outermost planets in our solar system “Pluto, Neptune and Uranus” we come to Saturn. He is the furthest planet that can be seen from Earth with the naked eye.
ooSaturn is the second largest planet besides Jupiter in many ways, is a smaller version of Jupiter. Saturn is unique in that it has a system of rings (water ice particles) which Galileo observed through his homemade telescope in 1610. Saturn is composed mainly of hydrogen and helium with some heavier materials in its core. The temperature on Saturn ranges from -191 degrees C to over 130 degrees C. It is the only planet less dense than water. Besides hydrogen and helium, its atmosphere also contains methane.
ooAs of the latest discoveries, Saturn has 31 moons, the largest being Titan. Saturn’s orbit period around the Sun is 29 years, 167 days and 6.7 hours.
ooSaturn, like the other planets, was named after a Roman god - the god of agriculture. And all of our days of the week were named after the 7 visible “planets” (including the Sun and the Moon).
ooIn Transpersonal Astrology the planets are viewed as symbols of psychological driving forces. The “Signs” that a planet aligns with show how the planetary energy is "colored" or modified.
ooA major turning point occurs in our lives every 29-1/2 years from birth. This is called our “Saturn return.” These important turning points can involve such areas as; Career, health, marriage or relationship, our Life focus some new focus in our lives that can require serious needs for change.
ooThe location of Saturn by Sign and “House” (area of life) in the natal chart, shows ways, and areas of our lives, which we had agreed to before incarnation, to experience some delays, frustrations, necessary controls, respect issues, and crises These experiences, depending on our free-will, can help us to build a solid structure for the ego, our character and potentials for success in life. This brings to mind the Jungian quote: ~ “We spend the first half of our lives discovering ego; the second half, learning to relinquish it.”
oo“Stumbling blocks” or “stepping stones?” It all depends on how we choose to view these experiences and respond. The “silver lining” is always there but we have to choose to look for it!
ooEach of us has entered this material plane with some unconscious “stuff.” Carl Jung referred to this as the “Shadow.” And Saturn is related to this archetype of resistance and defense - the “heaven” or “hell” seed potentials within us!
ooSaturn and the Shadow represent the part of the psyche which contains the negative side of the personality; unpleasant qualities that we tend to hide. These undeveloped functions seem to attract difficult situations, often involving fear, anger, control and respect issues for which we tend to blame others. These repeat-pattern experiences can go on in the life until we begin to realize that we are each 100% responsible for the people and experiences we attract by our choice of thoughts.
ooThe Universal Law of Attraction never changes - never takes a “vacation!” The thoughts and beliefs - including the self-picture - we “sow” will always determine what we “reap!” The control, respect and love that we seek, comes to us through self-control, self-respect and self-love. It is difficult to give or receive love if we do not love ourselves. And Self-Love comes easier when we acknowledge that “the Kingdom is within.”
ooSaturn’s growth and development tests based on his natal position are one thing. However, these opportunities to “own our unconscious” and build for a rewarding and successful life, can also be experienced in ways shown by the Sign which Saturn is currently transiting in.
ooSaturn spends about 2-1/2 years in each of the 12 Signs (“scripts”) and he entered the Sign, Virgo, on September 2, 2007 until October 29, 2009 and, due to retrogrades, is back in Virgo from April 7, 2010 to July 21, 2010.
ooThe Sign Virgo is associated with such things as: Personal growth, work, service, training, health, co-workers, employees, animals, practical intelligence, detail and discrimination.
ooThe planet, Saturn, as suggested, is associated with such things as: Career, responsibility, character, perseverance, control, organization, the unconscious, authority, reputation, patience and tests for development.
ooBy synthesizing some of the keynotes of Saturn's psychological driving force, with Virgo’s modifying “script” keynotes, we may gain some insights into what lies ahead for all of us over the next 3 years or so: For many of us, the ambition to build in our work and self-development will be in focus. There will be a need to organize the details and pour our energies into our work - including work on self and discipline! Some negative potentials to be aware of include: Worry, fear, guilt, criticism, complaining and doubt.
ooSuccessful building can take place as we employ the positive attributes noted and take things patiently, one step-at-a-time. Edgar Cayce said, “As ye apply, as ye make use of that in hand, more is given thee. Day unto day is sufficient if use is made thereof.”
ooFor many of us this transit of Saturn through the Sign Virgo can represent an important cycle for the development of a rewarding Life focus or career, in service to a wider number of people.
ooMay we all take advantage of this cycle and grow in service. The “Course in Miracles” suggests: ~ “Everything I give, I give myself; this is Salvations simple formula.”

Namaste’, Dennis

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