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OO After spending 13 years transiting through the Sign, Sagittarius, Pluto (now viewed as a “dwarf planet”) entered the Sign Capricorn on January 26, 2008. He will be moving through the 30 degrees of Capricorn until he enters the “New Age” Sign, Aquarius, on January 21, 2024. Pluto journeys through the 12 signs of the Zodiac (“circle of animals”) once every 248 years and, due to his elliptical orbit, the number of years he is in a Sign can vary by several years. This “god of the underworld” will be in Capricorn from January 26, 2008 until January 21, 2024 when he enters Aquarius for 20 years, until January 19, 2044.

Pluto and the Sign it rules (Scorpio) symbolizes powerful changes relating to the “script” of the Sign this planetary “actor” happens to be in. We can learn a lot about these changes by noting what was going on the last time this planet transited through that sign.

For example: Consider Pluto’s last cycle in Capricorn, from 1762 to the end of 1778 (think, American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence!)

As a psychological driving force symbol, Pluto (and Scorpio) involves management of shared resources, power, or energies, for example: Money or sex. Other Pluto/Scorpio keynotes include: Metaphysics, the occult or life’s mysteries, taxes, insurance, wills, mortgages, stocks, IRAs and social security.
Pluto and Scorpio’s destruct–and–rebuild focus – analagous to death and rebirth, like the Phoenix emerging from the ashes – involves a desire to eliminate that which is unnecessary. Pluto’s creative and destructive force is somewhat like the Hindu god, Shiva.

As the furthest “planet” our from our conscious Life Purpose, (Sun) Pluto stands as a symbol of an unconscious destiny and urge for a greater role in Life. One which can fulfill both personal and Collective purposes.
The transformitive work of Pluto can result in a “reborn” approach to life. And the “script” or “coloring” of this “rebirth” will follow the Capricorn keynotes. These can include: Business, Careers, Responsibility, Success, Government, Politics, Character, Authority, Ambition, and Achievement.
So, we can begin to understand some of the likely manifestations – individually and collectively – under this 13 year, Pluto in Capricorn, cycle, by combining some of these keynotes.
People will want to get deeply in touch with their life focus; because one of Life’s greatest stressors is a lack of a sense of meaning to personal existence.

And Seneca, the Roman Philosopher, said: “No wind is favorable to that ship which knows not to what port it is heading.”

Social ambitions in business, politics, finances and government will call for profound transformation and rebuilding on more socially-responsible foundations. Some businesses and industries will close and re-emerge in some totally new way.
Humanity had the opportunity to go through major changes during the 13 year cycle of Pluto in Sagittarius. This included such areas as: Religion, philosophy, medicine, psychology, higher education, law and international relationships. That preceding cycle may have impelled many of us on the planet to want to manage more honestly with each other, and to realize that our best way to survive major planetary crises, calling for change, would be to understand that we are All in this together! And that, “what goes around comes around.”
For more on that cycle, go to our website to read: SEED TIME FOR PLANETARY TRANSFORMATION: Pluto’s Alignment with Galactic Center (
There are four basic “engines of Creation” which are involved in All creations. These are: Power, Responsibility, Wisdom and Unconditional Love.

Transiting Pluto, at this point in our evolution, brings us an opportunity to learn more about the Power and Responsibility.

The Source Energy Power is focused by our choice of thoughts. We will always get what we think about most, whether we want it our not!
So, the responsibility lesson is to choose positive-versus-destructive thoughts, once we understand this “Law of attraction” (“As ye sow...”). In other words, this Pluto through Capricorn cycle may result in more people learning to let go of the ego “war games” and judge-and-blame approach to relating on “space ship,” Earth. Instead, we might choose to evolve into a capacity to take 100% responsibility for all that we experience!
Certainly, by the “letter of the law” it appears that there are “victims;” that “somebody did this to me!” But by the Spirit of the Universal Law of Attraction, we always attract in accordance with our current, dominant, average thought vibration. It is always an inside job!
During this world transforming Pluto/Capricorn cycle we hold the potential for a more Universally evolved “Revolutionary War.” Sure, there may be an emergence of certain world leaders who may want to take control on a larger scale. But this could evoke a “wake-up call” for the highest good of the planet as a Whole.
People will want to bring Power more under control: Power in political, government financial and insurance industries. This will include power in the form of: Solar, nuclear, wind, fuel and other energy resources.
We have all the resources that are needed to create a better life for all on Earth. We just need to learn how to pool our resources and manage power properly.
Much emphasis will be placed on pruning and dealing with waste in all of its forms.
Wouldn’t it be neat if someone would find a way to transform nuclear waste into something less harmful and more useful!?

When something called the “North Lunar Node” conjoins with Pluto in Capricorn – a rare new soul-building energy for potential achievement – we are likely to see people taking action, involving natural resources, in order to achieve a group purpose.

Certainly, around the time of November 9, 2010, when the Moon and North Lunar Node conjunct Pluto in 4 degrees Capricorn, this can be a “seed time” for such organized activity on a larger scale.
A Sabian Symbol, (from Dane Rudyar’s book, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases”) for that 4th degree of Capricorn, may yield a hint as to what can emerge: “The ability to use natural resources and basic skills in order to achieve a group purpose.”
In the coming months – certainly by January 2010 – this same transiting North Lunar Node, will first conjoin with President Obama’s natal Saturn – powerful in its Sign of rulership. This can be a natural symbolic juncture for a new soul-building time of serious unification. The Sabian Symbol for the President’s natal, 26 degree Capricorn Saturn, shows: “The ability to perceive the hidden and creative spirit of natural phenomenon.” It also refers to “Occult Energy.” And since his natal North Lunar Node – like Jimmy Carter’s – was in Leo (Leadership, Creativity, Will Power...) we suspect that there might be some new level of respect or honors, for his responsible, powerful leadership, paralleling some new accomplishment(s).
President Obama has certainly attracted a good share of negative critics (“ can’t please all the people all the time.” - Abraham Lincoln –– I hope Barack Obama understands that he - none of Us - are responsible for how others choose to think and feel!)

And this brings to mind Einstein’s words: “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

(For more on this go to for “President Obama’s Second (Corrected) Inauguration ~ A Transpersonal Astrological and Metaphysical Perspective -
In basic terms, this 13 year Pluto in Capricorn cycle symbolizes a time in which we are more likely to be psychologically “ripe” for powerful revolutionary changes on a large scale. Especially in the areas of big business, politics and government.

This is a natural cycle for more socially responsible controls to be put into place; a time for pooling resources and opening more to Oneness Consciousness – the emergence of the “Self”!

This can help us to let go of fear, realize that All is well, and to emerge into Unconditional Love – our highest state Grace – and the only Thing that will not change.

In Oneness, Dennis

In Oneness, Dennis
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