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Pluto’s Alignment with Galactic Center

XXIn late August of 2006 the International Astronomical Union got together and decided to kick old Hades, or Pluto (the Greek god of the underworld) out of the “planetary UN”.
XX Well, Pluto may no longer be considered to be a planet but his archetypal significance will likely remain in the Collective Unconscious.
XX Pluto, as the farthest mean distance “planet” from our central conscious purpose “planet” – the Sun – stands as a symbol of our unconscious Life Focus. (All of the planets are symbols of psychological driving forces, and Carl Jung has referred to Astrology as “the mother of psychology.”).
XXThis unconscious “destiny” may include our personal desires, but it also involves a potentially wider sphere of interaction and influence.
XX Pluto is the “ruling planet of the Sign, Scorpio. The energy associated with this pair is transformative in nature. It often involves the tearing down or destruction of what is outworn, in order for the building of what is new to emerge. (“...Phoenix rising out of the ashes...”)
XX Pluto and Scorpio also tie in with the idea of death and rebirth, the hidden in Life, desire, and shared assets, energies or resources – including sex.
XX Every 2-1/2 centuries a rare event takes place in Nature’s cycles: Pluto aligns with our GC (“Galactic Center”). Currently this center is in the 27th degree of Sagittarius. (When you’re looking in the direction of the Sun around December 18th you’re pointed in the direction of our Milky Way’s Center).
XX Pluto’s rare bob's info with the GC suggests a Spiritual “wakeup call” A time for Mankind to change dramatically and to begin to work together towards creating a more secure future; one which would fulfill collective needs!
XXPluto came very close to exact conjunction with GC at the end of March, 2006. Then he turned retrograde, as if to suggest that we on Earth need to go back over some things unfinished. This cycle is for tearing down what is outgrown in order to make room for new, more in-depth ways of managing with each other and with shared resources.
XXThe question arises: “When will Pluto stop this ‘going back over’, and turn around and begin to come fully to conjoin with GC?” Well, that turning point was on Labor Day, September 4, 2006. And the exact conjunction – the rare 2-1/2 century’s event will take place on December 29, 2006. (With a possible early “triggering” on December 20, 2006 when the Sagittarian new moon occurs within a degree of this GC and Pluto.).
XXBefore we further describe some of the potential areas of manifestation of this unifying event, we should mention that the “seeds” of what is to come have already been “sown” in early 2006; and somewhat in the past few years as Pluto’s transit neared the GC point. It’s just that the major “sowing” is likely to be at year’s end, 2006.
XXThe additional keynotes we will suggest for this major turning point in our evolution will not all take place at once. There will be a time of “going back over”, again as Pluto does another station and goes retrograde on the last day of March in 2007. He crosses back over GC in July, 2007; goes direct again on September 7, 2007 and – finally- does his last conjunction in the end of October, 2007.
XXFrom that final conjunction point the events should begin to move forward. And more in terms of our shared desires for positive powerful changes, in which more of us may begin to realize that we’re All in this together!
XXWe have already mentioned some Pluto-Scorpio keynotes. Now we need to unify these with the Sagittarian-Jupiter keynotes, in order to intuit or weave together some likely manifestations.
XXAlthough said manifestations may not directly be created by the intense infrared energy of the super- massive black hole at the center of our Milky Way, this GC – combined with the Sagittarian-Pluto keynotes - represents a more inclusive and expanding Center of Our common Ideals as co-creators within All-That-Is.
XXThe Sagittarian-Jupiter keynotes will give us further clues as to areas of transformation. These keynotes include such things as: Religion, Philosophy, Higher Knowledge and Education, Law, Morals, Foreign Nations, Travel, Medicine, Growth/Expansion, Truth, Opportunity and Dissemination.
XXWe can begin to see that by combining some of these Pluto/Scorpio with Jupiter/Sagittarian keynotes, that these changes-to-come are already beginning to take place. Some examples involved can include: The UN, World Bank, Al Gore’s, “An Inconvenient Truth” and Climate changes. Also, programs emerging on the World Wide Web, such as in “The Prophets Conference”, “World Puja”, “Go Gratitude” and “7th Wave Network”
XXThese forthcoming changes can be seen in areas like, “What the Bleep Do We Know?” In addition, World concerns over the possible misuse of Uranium, biological warfare, missiles, terrorism and stem cell research.
XXThere is a growing concern over how to safely store radioactive waste materials, such as Plutonium, which has a half life of approximately 24,000 years! The “good news” is that the energies symbolized by this merger with Pluto and GC can be used just as well for positive transformations as for destructive. For example, it might be possible, through breakthroughs in research, to transmute some of these dangerous materials into a form with, say, a half life of maybe only centuries This would make safer containment more feasible.
XXWe can see growing concern over energy resources such as oil. The problems arising from this and other areas of concern such as Pollution, water, world leaders, honesty in business and politics, religious and cultural differences...all of these contrasting experiences can – under the changing energies – be viewed as constructive crises and developmental tensions!
XXAlready we are witnessing the transforming power of Pluto. We see more interest in solar and wind power, bio and hydrogen fuel options, conversions of coal, and transforming waste dumps into such things as ski slopes. We have all of the resources we need under the “Ask and it is given.” It’s just a matter of choosing Love over fear and Oneness Consciousness over separative consciousness.
XXHeightened concerns over these major changes will, hopefully, begin to help us to see that we can’t win the “war” against anything. However, we can “turn the other cheek” to focus on what all of this “dis-ease” is beginning to impel us to prefer! The more we rattle against what we don’t want the more of it we “sign up” for. Motivation can’t hold a candle to inspiration.
XXIt is our free-will choice, to dwell on what we want – without “dragging others into the equation”- or dwell on what we don’t want. Law of Attraction (“As ye sow...”) responds to either vibration! Leaders who would inspire people to the true spirit of the “Golden Rule” could play a major role in our pending “rebirth” into a more peaceful and loving World.
XXIn 1925 there was a symbol channeled for this current GC of 27degrees Sagittarius. It may help us to further understand what is coming: “A sculptor at his work.” Dane Rudhyar’s translation of this in his “Astrological Mandala” was: “...the ability to project one’s vision upon and to give form to materials...Self projection into a work.”
XXAt bottom, we are being called to change – to “rebirth”! Individually and collectively we can emerge from this and grow if we are more willing to creatively visualize and manage with each other. Meaning, if we will desire to cooperate honestly and pool our energies and resources.
XXEach of us can find more blessings and Joy in Life as we learn that we’re not here to try to get others to change in order for us to create our own Joy We do this by paying more attention to what we desire, but without believing that externals are running our experiences. It’s always an “inside job” under the great Law of Attraction. Each of us is 100% responsible for everything that has-or will- ever “happened to” us!
XXWhen we understand that our lives are mirrors of our current average beliefs and self-pictures, then with that no-judge, no- blame approach to Life, then, Source Energy can orchestrate the “whole Show” in accordance with that transformed attitude!
XXWe’re already in the process of major transformation. We simply need to will, with faith, to let go of doubts and fears about Love and Creativity and unite with each other in new, door-opening ways. Ways that are based on Oneness Consciousness and Unconditional Love.

Namaste’, Dennis

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