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The first week of May, 2011, is called “Corporate National Compliance and Ethics Week.”

It has, no doubt, come about as a result of growing economic and fiscal crises. The focus is on making “excellence a habit” in order to reduce tremendous losses resulting from fraud and other unethical deceptions and practices.

To speak of “doing the right thing” is one thing - to make people aware of how misuse of funds, medical insurance claims and services can have a detrimental affect on all of us. However, “compliance” might come about more naturally if it was based more on inspiration, than on motivation or legal actions.

In other words, if people were educated, not only as to how all of us can be affected by those who are misusing services and financial support, but were also shown how we all get what we get in life.

There are amazing Universal Laws that supersede the “letter of the law;” and the most important of these Universal laws is the “Law of Attraction.” “Universal,” here meaning it works on all planes of experience. It works, without ceasing, whether you believe in it or not. It works whether you’ve heard of it or not! And it is the prime factor behind all of our experiences!

Basically the Law of Attraction states” “Like attracts like.” (You’ve perhaps heard of it as, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”)

Under the law of Attraction there are no “victims” - ever! Because every one of us has the free-will to choose our thoughts. No one’s actions “make you think.” It is so helpful to understand:

We always attract into our lives what we think about most
– whether we like it or not!

If this is true (and it is!) then it would seem to impel us to want to take full responsibility for our choice of thoughts. Not 90% responsibility, but 100%. Because we are fully responsible for what our current average dominant thoughts are attracting into our life experiences.

Mahatma Ghandi said: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Now this Law of Attraction works on “both sides of the fence.” In other words, those who are in charge of businesses, governments, etc. - those who may be basically honest; are just as much contributing to the unethical and financially disastrous behaviors of those who they are observing! When we say to the Universe, “Yes, I want more of this good stuff,” it’s on the way. However, when we say (desire, pray...) to our Source Energy, “NO, NO, NO...I don’t’ want this,” it, too must be on the way!

So, our moral/ethical, fiscal and relating compliance crises won’t get any better until right Now gets better. And right now will begin to get better when we finally realize (“education” ) that, under the Universal law of Attraction, things won’t get better than right now until right Now (the holy Moment) gets better!

Right now gets better as we cultivate the heavenly habit of continually following the trail of thoughts that feel better-and-better.

Sometimes denial or Pollyanna feels better than lack of faith or worry. At bottom, the healing (soothing) suggestion, in all of this, is: “Dwell on what you want – NOT on what you don’t want.” And we’re not saying that, in your focus on what you want, that you should drag “who” or “what,” that has impelled you to desire better conditions, into the equation. Because, if you do, the, under the Law of Attraction, that will just “sign you up” for more of what you don’t want!

People can get into unethical practices because they may rationalize that they are “victims,” or have been treated unfairly. Many of our relating problems center around the ego and control-respect issues. Carl Jung said: “We spend the first half of our life discovering ego, the second half learning to relinquish it.”

We spoke of the need for “education” on all of this “how we attract,” under the Law of Attraction; now let’s discuss some proactive keys to alleviating these growing crises of codependent “stopping on fires” – versus getting to root causes of what we have been unwittingly attracting.

As we change our thoughts we change our lives. When we begin to think more in terms of Unity Consciousness than in Separative Consciousness, our world conditions will change accordingly. Oneness Consciousness and Love will always – in the long run – pay off more than separative consciousness and fear.

Oneness Consciousness is fertile ground for blossoming into our highest state of grace; i.e., Unconditional Love. Everything changes in an eternally-expanding-from-the- Now Universe. The Source Energy that will not change is Unconditional Love. There is no greater Power than the capacity to Love Unconditionally!

This brings us to some suggestions for solutions to what appear to be exploding crises – but are more “wake up calls” to letting go of resistance to needed changes for growth:

Individually and collectively, we are more likely to believe and expect the changes we have come to desire, when our motives are for the highest good of all involved.

We increase our ability to attract the good we’ve already desired (and it does await us in the non-physical!) when we are nice to ourselves as well as to others. For we have nothing to give others if we’re are not nice to ourselves. Self-parenting helps! Just doing something nice for self (chocolate; take a day off; put the book down and go to the bathroom...) – anything that makes you feel better! When we develop this habit of loving ourselves, we will soon see it coming more from others. We can’t love others, nor receive love from others – or Life – if we don’t love ourselves! The Bhagavad Gita states: “Whoever thinks of ME as none other than himself, his worldly and spiritual well-being will be safe-guarded and looked after by ME.”

The next suggestion, on how we can increase our belief and expectancy, so that we are better able to allow the good into our lives, is to listen to our intuition. Intuition is our “hot-line” to our Inner Being. To work with what it shows us – one step at a time – and more will be revealed to lead us to our ever “next-new-thing.” The intuitive guidance, on the best action, will be when it feels good! On the other hand Bucky Fuller said: “When in doubt, don’t."

A great tool for increasing our expectancy would be to move through Life in Appreciation of how good things are. There is so much more good going on, on the planet, than appears in the news.

In summary: Much of our crises which seem to be coming on, big time, are a gift “wake-up call” to release resistance to change. The call to expansion is symbolized in Nature’s cycles. For example, in Transpersonal Astrology we can see this crisis turning point symbolized in the closing square aspect between the Scorpio and Aquarius planets, Pluto and Uranus. (Keeping in mind that Astrology’s greatest gift for humanity, is for Self and Spiritual Knowledge. It has been referred to as “a consciously livable mythology” and Jung referred to it as “the mother of psychology”). These square construction points begin June 12, 2012 and wind down in 2015. The transiting square between Pluto in Capricorn (important major calls to rebirth) and Uranus in Aries (new leadership and emergence of global man) suggest that many of these changes will come through crises and fighting. However, squares are for construction. Hopefully, the “Phoenix that rises out of the ashes” will see mankind coming more into alignment through an understanding of what we have suggested in this writing; and, especially with the two suggestions we will close with now.

There are two major keys to transforming fear and separative consciousness (which lies behind these problems of unethical behavior) into Oneness Consciousness and Unconditional Love.

The first key is to live in that “prayer without ceasing” which we can call Appreciation. Just continually noticing how GoOD things are!

The second key is to “walk our talk” with the “Golden Rule.” When we treat others in the ways we would like to be treated, we create a whole new world of Love with our “Siblings in Spirit” – the other unique Perspectives of our One Source Energy.

In Oneness Dennis

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