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Neptune in Aquarius

In our last column we discussed some of the likely manifestations of transiting Pluto in Sagittarius and its conjunction with our Galactic Center. Those keynotes are a culmination of Pluto’s transforming function in Sagittarius from early 1995 to later 2008.

In essence this cycle tends to impel us to desire to manage more honestly and directly with each other. It is a cycle of depth-understanding in such areas as: Religion, leadership, Transpersonal Psychology (Psychology and Spirituality), philosophy and law.

The Pluto in Sagittarius cycle is a time for elimination of destructive outworn beliefs, in order to create a new foundation for higher knowledge, understanding and renewed freedom. This growth in understanding can emerge from our realization of the importance of pooling resources and working together on long-range goals. Goals that can ensure our future growth - versus destruction.

The next planet in from Pluto is Neptune. It was discovered in 1846. In astrology’s symbolism Neptune is the ruling planet of the sign, Pisces. Neptune is associated with spirituality, imagination, dreams, mysticism, illusion, and psychic abilities such as clairvoyance.

All planets, as symbols of psychological driving forces, have positive or negative potentials. There’s an old saying in astrology: “The stars impel - not compel...” In its negative potential, Neptune can involve deception, confusion and self-undoing.

Neptune transits through the sign, Aquarius, from January 1998 to February 2012, then it enters Pisces until 2025.

To understand some of the individual and collective manifestations which are likely during this cycle, we simply weave together some Neptune and Aquarius keynotes.

We’ve already seen, since 1998, and can expect more of a shift towards Oneness Consciousness.

In Oneness Consciousness there is little room for fear. When we realize our Relationship within All-That-Is (“God”), then our highest state of Grace “Unconditional Love” can emerge. Unconditional Love is the only thing that does not change in Our eternally-expanding Creation.

There is an increased desire for people to want to crystallize dreams. There’s likely to be new inventions and scientific discoveries which can help Mankind, in such areas as healing and fuel and energy sources. Past individuals, friends and groups are likely to come together again. Many will want to connect more firmly with their Inner Being.

We are not likely to find the full Joy we intended before incarnating until we acknowledge our Spirituality; i.e. that there is something Greater than this physical and the world of the ego. In other words, our Inner Being or Soul is the unique emanation of Source Energy (“God”) that is in each of us.

This process of putting the “Inner Marriage” first is related to Carl Jung’s: ~ “We spend the first half of our lives discovering ego; the second half, learning to relinquish it.”

So, how does Neptune in Aquarius work for us as individuals? Well, as we’ve mentioned, there’s an urge to want to crystallize our dreams and goals.

The “Course in Miracles” suggests that desire is our prayer, and that God will give us anything if we really desire it. The “Teachers of Teachers” in the Non-Physical, called “Abraham”, have stated that no truer words have ever been spoken than, “Ask and it is given.” They also suggest that the workable way to our dreams and desires was best spoken in Joseph Campbell’s, “Follow your bliss.”

In order to allow into our lives the dreams we’ve already “seeded” in the Non-Physical, we need to learn to expect. In order to expect we need to believe. And in order to believe, we need to feel worthy. How can we not feel worthy once we’ve acknowledged that we have an Inner Being (the “Christ,” meaning “God in man”).

Wayne Dyer wrote, “You’ll See IT When You Believe It.” So let’s wind up with some useful techniques we might use to increase our belief and expectancy that we can have and do and be anything we desire.

A few decades ago I sent away for a book. Title was something like “Secrets of Success.”
The one thing I recall from that book was to make your motives for the highest good of All. “All” should include us as well. This altruistic motivation may help us to feel more worthy of support from our Source for our Life focus. A feeling of being “on the Team.”!

Self-Parenting can also help us to feel more worthy. We can’t receive love from “others,” nor give love to others, if we don’t love ourselves. If we would, for three weeks, just go out of our way to do at least one nice thing for ourselves each day “without guilt” this would change our vibration and help us to attract more good into our lives.

Edgar Cayce said something like, “As ye apply, as ye make use of that in hand, more is given thee.” In other words when we acknowledge and work with our Inner Being through our intuition, on any goal, then more will be revealed each day. Faith is all we need to go forward with this.

One of the best tools we have in order to crystallize our dreams, is simply to practice that “prayer without ceasing” called APPRECIATION! By practicing this for 21 days (You can use my 2005 and 2006 Resolution to “Notice how good things are”), you will absolutely notice more good things coming into your life! It must be that way because of the Universal “Law of Attraction” (“As ye sow...”)

May we all be Blessed with the Joy we intended when we came here, as we choose to appreciate and look for the “Silver Lining” in all that we experience!

In Oneness, Dennis
©2008 Dennis Cole
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