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moon picThe Moon

Luna, known as “Tsuki” in Japan and as “Chandra” in India, Earth’s natural satellite, has stood for Mankind as a symbol of light and life in times of darkness. Our fascination with the Moon’s beauty may tie in with her cycles as she reflects the light of our Source Energy for life on Earth – the Sun.

Our Moon is the fifth largest of the dozens of satellites in our Solar System. She has about one eightieth of the Earth’s mass. Her diameter is 2160 miles and her average distance from the Earth is about 238,900 miles. Due to her synchronous rotation with the Earth, she keeps nearly the same face toward the Earth. Due to her negligible atmosphere the Moon goes through extreme temperature changes; from 107º c during the day and -153º c at night. She revolves around the Earth in 29 1/2 days in reference to the Sun, 27 1/3 days in reference to the Stars (Sidereal Perspective). Her birth process, about 4 1/2 billion years ago, appears to be quite different from the other planets’ satellites, which were formed as dusty disks condensed.

This was similar to how the planets in our Solar System condensed from the Solar Nebula. Earth’s Moon, on the other hand, was probably formed as a result of a planet-size body glancing off the proto-Earth, and exploding huge amounts of debris into orbit around the forming Earth. This debris eventually coalesce into
our Moon.

In Transpersonal Astrology the Moon symbolizes – as colored by the Sign she is in – our reigning emotional needs and our instinctive approach to fulfilling these needs. The Moon also reveals how we tend to bring our Solar purpose – our chosen Life Focus – into the Life Experience.

The Moon relates to our instinctive mind, our moods and habit patterns – especially those acquired from our early family life.

The Moon is the ruling “planet” of the Zodiacal sign, Cancer, and exalted ruler of Taurus. This association evokes such keynotes of rulership as: Motherhood, mother, family, home, domesticity, food, nurturing and woman. The Moon also rules: Water, lakes, and property.

Psychologically, the Moon and her sign Cancer, is associated with the process of individuation, personality integration and stabilization, and all such factors which tend to come on more as time goes on.

There has been considerable research concerning the social, psychological and physical influences of the Moon. We know that she affects the tides of Earth and her phases affect the opening of oyster shells, rather than the tides themselves.

The extreme quick temperature fluctuations on the Moon generate a tremendous amount of infrared radiation. This may have a bearing on some of the phenomena we see on Earth. For example: crime rates under full Moons and higher incidences of post-operative bleeders.

In the 1960’s a Dr. Robert Becker reported on his discovery of an electromagnetic field in the human body and how the fluctuations in this biomagnetic field parallel changes in Earth’s geomagnetic field. The Moon and Sun movements are connected to the Earth’s field changes. So we can see a connection in this “as above so below” phenomena from a scientific viewpoint!

However Transpersonal Astrology – a form of “Metaphysics” – works largely from what appears to be beyond science. The Moon, Sun and planets are symbols of psychological (“logic of the Soul”) driving force.

As an example: In “Synastry,” the branch of Astrology dealing with human relationship compatibility potentials, the Moon, Sun and planets are compared between two horoscopes. The Moon Sign Element (“Fire, Earth, Air or Water”) is compared to the Moon Sign Element in the other person’s horoscope (Birthmap of chosen “seed potentials”). There is a 50-50 chance that there can be an elemental match. For example, an Earth Sign Moon with a Water Sign Moon.

What this would mean is that the two people in question would likely have somewhat of a rapport in terms of moods and habit patterns. Thus a better chance of living together. There’s much more to it; for example their Mercury’s (communication and thinking) would indicate communication potentials. Of course, love can transcend symbols, but Synastry can reveal how smooth or difficult the relationship might turn out. It is helpful to keep the Talmud’s words in mind: “Everything is foreseen, but free-will is given.”

Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist, once performed a statistical test in Synastry. He looked at the patterns in the horoscopes of 483 married couples (966) individuals) and for his control group, the horoscopes of 966 people who had never met. He did not know which of the 1932 people were married and the charts were stapled together and mixed. Using only the rules of Astrology, he was able to score 97 per cent in choosing the married couples.

The Moon is one of the most important factors in interpreting birth potentials and their unfoldment in time. And the phases of the Moon are a very significant tool for the Self and Spiritual knowledge which is Transpersonal Astrology’s greatest gift. For example, the phase of the Moon when you took your first breath (voluntary existence) symbolizes how you might best deal with your daily personal, social and cultural relationship challenges. This natal phase (of 8 phases) reveals the essence of our “Soul’s Game Plan” – our Life Focus.
For example Barack Obama was born with a Leo Sun sign (Leadership) and under a Gemini (Intelligence) 3rd Quarter Moon Phase. This suggests that his Life Focus is to embody his philosophy into practical, organized, workable - useful systems or institutions. And, with his natal Aquarius (Universal, humanitarian, pioneering, unique...) South Lunar Node (the past) and Ascendant (Self-concept and Life Focus) centering around the USA July 4, 1776 Natal Aquarian Moon, it appears this unification – rooted in the “past” – had to take place!
Generally speaking, if you were born under waxing (increasing in light, from New to Full) Moon, you may lean more to extrovert/left brain/outer world activities. Whereas, if you were born under a waning Moon phase (Full to New Moon) you might tend to be more of a right brain/introverted/inner world person.

In Astrology we can move the planets forward, symbolically, and compare their positions and aspects (angles) to the birth locations, in order to see what kind of “progressed” Lunation phase we are in. Progressions also show the challenges and timing involved as we grow and move through Life.

Transits of the Moon are analogous to the “second hand on the clock of Consciousness.” The Moon’s movement through the Zodiac, spending about 2 -1/2 days in each sign, shows where our attention may be focused and experiences we are most likely to attract. For example, we may dream of someone when the Moon has transited to the longitude of their natal Sun, Moon, Ascendant, etc., or we may hear from them.
The monthly New and Full Moon’s are times, for all of us, of New beginnings and for new awareness or connection with others, respectively. This can be especially significant when a Lunation or Full Moon is conjunct a natal planet’s location.

In summary, the Moon has much to do with our feelings, and as one group of Teachers in the non-physical would say to us: “Nothing is more important than to choose to feel good!”

In Oneness, Dennis

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