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The planets in our natal horoscopes are symbols of psychological driving forces. The “signs” that they are in tend to “color” the planetary energies. For example, a person born when Mercury was in an Earth Sign, such as Taurus, would tend to be more security minded, practical, and “down-to-Earth” in their thinking, than say, a person born with Mercury in a Fire Sign, such as Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. Mercury, colored by the Fire sign “Script,” would tend to think more creatively, intuitively, and be more open to new experiences and creative self-expression. Dr. Marc Edmund Jones has called the planet, Mercury our “perceptive antenna,” Mercury was the Roman Messenger God. This was also the earlier Hermes in Greek mythology.

Mercury the planet of change, is associated with the aspects of our intellect which are susceptible to cultivation and understanding. It is said to have rulership over the lungs, bowels, solar plexus, tongue and nervous system.

Symbolically, Mercury relates to all things associated with connection, linkage or commutation. This is because it is the first planet out from our central Sun, which symbolizes our conscious Life Focus, will power and creativity.
So Mercury links our conscious purpose to all the other planets in our Solar System. With its connective principle, we can see how Mercury is associated with such things as: Communication, vision, transportation, thinking, selling, teaching, and all things associated; such as bikes, cars, walking, pens, paper, neighbors, relatives and computers.

Anatomically, Mercury is associated with the upper chest, shoulders, arms, hands and fingers, as well as neural pathways.

Each of the twelve Signs of the Zodiac has a “Ruling Planet.” Mercury rules the Air Signs, Gemini and the Earth Sign, Virgo. The Gemini Mercury is one of assimilation, while Virgo Mercury leans more toward discrimination. The Jungian function of consciousness associated with the element “Air” (which, besides Gemini is the “Element” of the Signs Libra and Aquarius) is Thinking. Psychologically the Air element needs stimulus. The Jungian function of consciousness associated with the “Earth” element is sensation. And, psychologically, people born with a number of planets in any of the Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn), seek Security.

Due to its closeness to the Sun, Mercury - as viewed from Earth - can only appear to be in the 30 degree Sign the Sun is in, or the two adjacent Signs. Often, in the natal chart, it is in one’s “Sun Sign.” This would mean that there would be somewhat of an alignment between one’s will (Sun) and thinking (Mercury).

Mercury has a diameter of 3,032 miles and an annual revolution of just under 88 days. It is 36 million miles from the Sun. Because Mercury basically faces the Sun most of the time this results in zones of perpetual hot and cold on its surface.

Because Mercury is so close to the Sun it is often not visible from Earth. However, when Mercury approaches Stationary, Direct, or Retrograde, it is at its farthest distance from the Sun. At such times - 3 or 4 times per year and lasting for about 3 weeks each time - it is visible after Sunset (as “Evening Star”) or before Sunrise (as “Morning Star”).

Someone, born with Mercury rising at its extreme “Evening Star” position, rising after the Sun, would tend to follow the masculine Sun’s will. Whereas someone born with Mercury rising at, or near its extreme “Morning Star” location, would tend to have an eager out-reaching mind, similar to a little child running way ahead of dad on a path in the woods – forgetting that dad is back there.

In Synastry (the branch of Astrology that reveals relationship compataibility potentials) we compare Mercury Signs between charts in order to see communication potentials between people. Basically, Earth and Water Sign natal Merdury’s, and fire and air sign Mercury’s tend to communicate better with each other than, say, fire compared to a Water Sign Mercury relationship.

Whether Mercury is in its fast or slow cycle, as it approaches Stationary Direct of Retrograde, its speed tends to parallel how fast or slow things go forward in our lives. Just as significant, for our daily lives and activities, is whether Mercury is moving forward in direct motion or appearing (from Earth) to be moving backwards (“Retrograde).

A major “thought form” or “fact” about Retrograde Mercury is that during such cycles it is not the best time for going forward with our plans and activities that call for clear thinking and communicating.

Like everything else, I believe if we focus on these consesus of agreement “facts’ and the crazy things that can “happen” during a retrograde Mercury cycle then, sure, we’re more likely to attract these experiences of lack of focus, miscommunication, needing to repeat things, confused judgment, etc. Whatever we have a perceptual set for can become our realtiy and experience (“As ye sow...”).

It may help us to have better Mercury Retrograde experiences if we will choose to “look for the silver lining” as we encounter them. An analogy might be that, when you’re backing your car out of the driveway, you’re still moving toward your inteded destination. Similarily an airplane heading to Honolulu from San Francisco is often, due to air currents, making course coreections; but it is still progressing.

When we develop the habit of restructuring the way we choose to view things, (Mercury) and begin to “see the glass as half full,” and learn that every “stumbling block” can be a “stepping stone,” then with that attitude, we may come to relax and enjoy the subjective growth that can take place under Retrograde Mercury cycles.

The “good news” is, that during the 3 to 4 retrograde cycles of about 3 weeks duration each year, we may find these periods to be more appropriate for introspection, planning, and going back over things which have not been completed.

Retrograde Mercury can coincide with hightened intuition; whereas Mercury, when moving forward through the Zodiac in a direct motion could tend to paralell logical thinking and experiences.

Basically, Mercury symbolizes - depending on the sign it is in - how we tend to think and express in order to be our authentic selves and function efficiently in our everyday living.

In Oneness, Dennis

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