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00Mars is the 4th planet out from the Sun in our Solar System. This red-orange colored planet was first viewed through the telescope by Galileo in 1609. It’s color is caused by hematite (iron oxide, or “rust”). It is about half the radius of Earth and only one-tenth our planet’s mass.
00The atmosphere on Mars consists mainly of Carbon Dioxide (95%), Nitrogen (3%), Argon (1.6%) and traces of Oxygen, water and other gases. The surface pressure on Mars is less than 1% of Earth’s. Mars has two permanent polar ice caps, which NASA announced in March 2007, contained enough water to submerge the planet to a depth of 11 meters.
The Martian year is about two Earth years in length and its surface temperatures vary from lows of approximately -220º F. in the polar winter season to highs of 68º F.
00Mars has two satellites, Phobos and Deimos. At present there are three functional orbiting spacecraft around Mars.
NASA plans to put a man on Mars by 2037. NASA and Lockheed Martin have begun the first stage of that landing by developing the Orion spacecraft to put a human expedition on Earth’s Moon by 2020 as a stepping to that Mars Expedition.
00Ares the Greek God of war is considered by some to be not so much the God of War, as of its horrors, confusion and tumult. More than an adversary of the Self, Ares is considered to be associated with the desire and the natural
impulse to maintain the physical life. Ares is Mars the Roman God of War.
00Astrology has been called a “Consciously livable Mythology.” Carl Jung called it “The Mother of Psychology.” As such, each planet is a symbol of a psychological driving force. The layout of the planets in the 12 signs at the birth moment - of anyone or any thing - symbolize the “seed” potentials for the unfoldment. However, the Talmud’s “Everything is foreseen but free will is given;” and Edgar Cayce’s “Nothing supersedes the will,” still hold very true.
00Dr. Marc Edmund Jones has defined Mars as a symbol of our “reigning conscious desire.” Indeed, the location of Mars in a birthmap (horoscope) reveals by the “coloring” of the “Sign” it is in, and the “House” or location in reference to the horizon, the ways and areas of life in which we focus much energy and experience-much activity. How “easy” or “difficult” these experiences might be, depends very much on the “aspects” (angles) Mars makes to other planets and asteroids, etc., in the natal chart. Mars is a masculine, “animus” or “yang” symbol along with the Sun.
00The symbol for Mars has become a circle with a spear protruding out. Although it may have once been symbolized with a cross sticking out, so that it would look like an upside-down symbol of its’ opposite polarity planet, Venus. Venus - or “upside-down Mars” has the “Circle of Spirit” over the “cross of materiality” in her symbol. With Mars, the material things come before the spiritual. With Venus having the circle of Spirit above the cross of materiality, the Spiritual usually overrides the material.
00Venus and the Moon are feminine archetypes that tie in with the “anima” or soul.
Mars is the first planet that “sticks out” from Earth’s orbit, whereas Venus is the first planet just “inside” Earth’s orbit around the Sun. More symbolism alluding to the male - female differences!
00Mars is brought more into focus each year under the Vernal or Spring Equinox, when the transiting Sun leaves Pisces and enters Aries; and during that three month cycle until the Summer Solstice arrives, around June 20th or 21st. This is because Mars is the ruling planet of the first Zodiacal Sign, Aries.
00On March 20, 2008 at 5:49 A.M., Greenwich, England, the Spring Equinox begins. At that moment 20 degrees Pisces is conjunct Uranus on the Greenwich Chart Ascendant with the zero degrees Aries Sun rising in the first “house.” Mars is in the 6th degree of Cancer in the 4th “house” of this Spring Quarter Chart. (See chart). It may be helpful to use this as an example of some of the ways in which we can interpret “seed” potential manifestations: Basically Mars in Cancer can indicate new leadership activities. Words like “homeland” (Cancer) “Security” (Mars) come to mind. It should be noted that Mars is exactly conjunct Jupiter the ruling planet of the USA chart of July 4, 1776. This suggests that some new (Mars) opportunity (Jupiter) for honesty in politics (Jupiter) and leadership (Mars) may be forthcoming (4th house and Cancer). 6 degrees Cancer is in a Virgo - influenced sector of Cancer; so it suggests that there can be subjective growth of an intelligent, practical, discrimating individual who is truly intending to be of service as a leader. There are many additional interpretations of this Mars position of support in nourishing those in need. Not only in terms of starvation, but with new assistance for home ownership protection as well.
00With the Pisces Ascendant conjunct Uranus in this chart there may emerge a more Universal sense that we are all on “spaceship” Earth together - more compassion and Oneness Consciousness. And when other planets hit this sensitive point we may see, socially, some of this beginning to take place.
00For example, when Mercury and Venus conjoin there on March 27 & 28, 2008. And the Moon will
“trigger” that sensitive point early on April 4th, and May 1st, and late on May 28th, 2008.
Finally, some “triggers” of the Equinox chart Mars in Cancer are with the Moon on April 11th, May 8th and early on June 5, 2008.
00May we all find a sense of achievement and fulfillment in Life as we grow from the negative use of our natal Mars potentials, such as impulsiveness, fear and egocentricity, and into his more positive potentials, such as courage, leadership, initiative, intuition and constructive action.
In Oneness, Dennis
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