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Pathways to Consciously
Creating A Joyful Life

XXMost of us grow up losing touch with our Inner Guidance, which basically is, “Good feels good; bad feels bad.” Then we proceed through Life in the space between “Where I Am” and “Where I would prefer to be.” We can narrow this gap by realigning with our Inner Being – that unique Emanation of All-That-Is which is within each of us! We can tell when we are in Alignment with thisWho-We-Really-Are when we feel: Love, Passion, Eagerness, Appreciation and Joy.
XXIn the book, “Mastery Through Accomplishment”, Hazrat Inayat Khan states: “Because life means continual battle, one’s success, failure happiness, or unhappiness mostly depends upon one’s knowledge of this battle.”
XXThe most important thing to understand, then, is the Universal Law of Attraction; meaning: “That which is like unto itself is drawn,” In other words we “reap what we sow.” We “sow” thoughts, whether we’re aware of them or not! And our Source Energy (“God”) orchestrates things in order to bring to us whatever it is that matches our current dominant, average, vibration – our thoughts.
XXUnderstanding and choosing to consciously work with this Law of Attraction can be both soothing and exhilarating. Soothing, in knowing that you will never need to fear again, once you’ve understood that nothing can “happen” to you without your thought vibration invitation of it! Exhilarating in the sense that you’ve accepted the responsibility to know that you can attract to you anything that you desire for the enjoyment of it. (“Ask and it is given.”)
XXAt bottom: Our Joy “which is Life’s Purpose” depends upon where we choose to focus our attention. The suggestion here is that our Joy and Well-Being flourish as we learn to dwell on what we want – NOT on what we don’t want! (Because we always get what we think about, whether we want it or not!)
XXIf what Teachers in the non-physical suggest, that: “The purpose of life is to follow the trail of thoughts that feel increasingly better” is true, then what can we do to help us to want to choose better-feeling thoughts!” How can we bring about this Inner-Being’s intended Life of Joy?
XXOne of our first steps onto the Path of becoming a conscious, deliberate, co-Creator of our experiences is responsibility! We are all 100% responsible for everything that we experience! Without the Law of Attraction being Universal and consistent, this Creation would turn to chaos. So our first step is to let go of the widespread belief that there are “victims” – that we are “victims!” The reason there are no “victims” is because we All have our feet equally in the Stream of “Ask and it is given.”
XXOur next step in learning how to Create on Purpose involves what is called the “Law of Allowing.” This involves Allowing the Good to flow to us from the “Stream of Well-Being.” It helps to know that we can become Allowers of our Source Energy Joy (“The Kingdom within”) by no longer choosing to look or listen for those things we do not wish to experience!
XXThe key to true allowing this Joyful Alignment with Who-We-Really-Are, is wanting so much to feel good that we are no longer willing to “go anywhere” that doesn’t! Then, when we begin to accomplish this shift from “victim” consciousness and “living by default” reacting, and pivot into becoming deliberate co-Creators, it is then that we are more likely to believe and expect to manifest our desires.
XXBelief is easier when we feel worthy. In all of this there is nothing more important than that we choose to feel good!
XXOur “work”, then, is to find "and put to use" ways to improve our Self-picture, and our belief that we are worthy, Then the final key to all that we have desired and co-Created, into what has been called “Vibrational Escrow,” will be the expectancy.
XXJames Allen’s words seem to fit our purpose here: “In the Ocean of life the Isles of Blessedness are smiling and the sunny shore of your ideal awaits your coming.”

Namaste’, Dennis

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