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OOWhen we think of Astrology and the planets in our solar system we sometimes forget that our planet, Earth, is very much a factor in interpreting what the other planets might symbolize. In this article we will touch on some of the ways in which Earth factors into the art-science of Astrology.
OOOur approximate 4.6 billion year old Earth is the third planet, after Mercury and Venus, out from the Sun, which lies at the center of our solar system. Our planet is 92.897 million miles (mean distance) from the Sun. Earth’s diameter is 7,926 miles at the equator, but approximately 27 miles shorter diameter through the poles. This is mainly due to rotation and gravitational pull of our Moon.
OOWe move through space, along with the rest of the planets in our Solar System, in the direction of the constellation, Hercules, at about 45,000 miles per hour. Our whole galaxy (the “Milky Way”) on the other hand, is moving toward Leo at about 1.332 million miles an hour!
OOThe Earth and our satellite, Moon, move in an elliptical - but nearly circular - orbit around the Sun at about 66,000 miles per hour. In one revolution (“year”) we cover approximately 583.4 million miles.
OOIn astrological interpretation the 12 symbolical “houses” (sectors of space) are a key factor, indicating the various areas of life. For example, there is the 2nd or “money house” (or whatever one needs), the “career or fulfillment,” “10th house,” the “7th house of marriage or partnerships”, and so on. In order to calculate the houses in a natal horoscope we must take a geocentric or Earth perspective.
OOAt the moment of someone’s “ or something’s” birth, the first “House” is located directly off the Eastern horizon as it extends to some “Sign” along the Ecliptic. (The 12 Signs are simply 12 thirty degree sectors marked off along the ecliptic or circular path of the Sun in its apparent path around the Earth.). Every two hours of Earth’s rotation brings another “House” cusp up to the Eastern horizon; e.g., the 2nd, 3rd, 4th...ending with the 12th House for the 24 hour rotation. The Signs represent an annual dance between Earth and Sun; whereas the “Houses” are 12 divisions of apparent motions resulting from our Earth’s daily rotation.
OOThe 12 “Signs” begin at the Spring Equinox, a point called zero degrees, Aries. And whatever House cusp falls in one of these Signs shows the area of life that is “colored’ or modified by what that Sign symbolizes.
OOThe first House or “Ascendant” is one of the most important factors in interpretation of the birth potentials. It symbolizes the Self-picture, the physical body, a key component of the ego, and the Jungian concept of the “persona”. In many ways, the Ascendant is nearly as important as the “Sun Sign” and the “Moon Sign”- which have a lot to do with our conscious will and purpose in life, and how we instinctively tend to bring that purpose to life.
The Earth is very much a factor in interpreting the phases of the Moon and the solar and lunar eclipses. The phase of the Moon at birth reveals the essence of the life focus, and how one can best deal with daily personal, social and cultural relating challenges.
OOThe transiting and progressed phases of the Moon reveal, symbolically, our stages of emerging “seed” potentials as shown in the natal soli-lunar phase. Even “Earth shine” the dim light of sunlight reflected from Earth to a crescent moon can be a factor in interpretations.
One branch of Astrology, called Relocation Astrology, can be very revealing in terms of places on Earth where one might experience more beneficial conditions. For example, in areas of love, security, success, etc. Relocation Astrology ~ associated with “Astrocartography”, involves computing a revised birth map (“horoscope”) using the same time and date of birth but for a new location. Basically a map is generated which has lines that represent the “House” cusps for the new location. These are projected over a map of the Earth and are printed out for places in which key areas of interest in which a desired natal planet would line up with that desired House cusp (area of life).
OOWhen time of birth is unknown, a “Solar Chart” can be calculated, using Greenwich noon time. These charts can be very revealing of life potentials ~ especially from an adult character development perspective. There are also ways to figure out the birth moment by looking at major events in the life. We call this “rectification of the birth time”. It involves some neat “detective work” and puzzle solving but can be amazingly accurate!
OORegardless of the symbolic system used in order to seek understanding and answers in our Journey, it might benefit us to consider the Talmud’s: “Everything is foreseen but free will is given.”
OOTranspersonal Astrology can be a wonderful tool for Self and spiritual knowledge. It can reveal the ways we’ve decided, before incarnating, in which we can best become deliberate co-creators of the life we intended.
Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, the I Ching, cards, etc., are symbolic tools that can help us to access our Inner Guidance through our intuition. An open mind, trust, a sense of worthiness, belief, expectancy, and a desire to gain knowledge, all help to make this connection with Inner Being more effective. Edgar Cayce suggested, “Let go and let God.”
OOAs current residents of planet Earth, may we all find Blessings of Love and Joy as we more deeply appreciate that We are all in this Together.

In Oneness, Dennis
©2008 Dennis Cole Reprint of this article with Dennis' written permission



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