Dennis Cole
Transpersonal Astrologer &
Life Management Consultant

About Dennis

Dennis is a professional Astrologer,
Metaphysical Consultant, and Lecturer.
Specializing in Relationships, Life Focus
& Self-Empowerment Guidance

Dennis Cole changed his Life focus in 1976; from power semiconductor engineering to full-time consulting in Metaphysics and Astrology. He is also a published author, teacher and "playshop" conductor He specializes in areas of Life Focus, Relating, and Well-Being (including such subjects as: "Conscious Co-Creating and Allowing", "Metaphysics of Healing", and "Metaphysics of Love"). Dennis has presented at such places as: Freeville Spiritualists Center, Lily Dale Assembly, Syracuse University and School of Continuing Education, Ananda Ashram and Yoga Convocations, Auburn, NY Parapsychology Group, Cayuga County Community College, Auburn Correctional Facility, Eisenhower College, Wellspring-Syracuse Center for Self-Healing, Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship, Astrological Association of CNY, Saratoga Parapsychology Study Group, Ithaca Foundation of Light, Kiwanis and Lions Clubs, Buffalo North Park Academy Faculty, Tulsa- Oklahoma Cable TV3, SUNY College at Cortland, NY, Seven Rays-Syracuse, NY, MENSA of CNY, Lightwork-Baldwinsville, NY, Cornell University, Reflections and other Metaphysical Centers, International General Assembly of Spiritualists Convention, Numerous Radio and TV Shows across New York State; and for the Syracuse, NY Transpersonal Psychology Association - in which he has served for the past fifteen years as Program Director.
Dennis' varied background includes having taught Judo at Auburn YMCA and Community College.

He has educational background in Electronics from courses in four years service in the USAF (three in Japan), GE Company Courses, and degrees in Chemistry and in Business Administration. However, Dennis feels that his main "education" has been more in accordance with Mark Twain's, "I never let schooling get in the way of my education." He has a deep appreciation for all that he has learned and shared with clients, students, friends and audiences. And much gratitude for all that he has learned - and continues to share and learn - with channeled sources since the 1960's; from Seth to White Eagle, to Abraham - and so many more.
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A Reading or Consultation with
Dennis can Help you to:
Discover your natural life focus potentials.
Create more loving, harmonious relationships.
Transcend limitations and fear-based ‘realities’.
Receive guidance about Love, Life, Work, Health,
Turning Points and Opportunities and what your
Inner Being most wants you to Know.

Dennis Cole P.O. 122 - AS Liverpool , NY 13088-0122, USA Phone # (315)-457-9141

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