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Brief Excerpts Below:

Sun Sign Potentials
A Guide to understanding Sun Sign Potential Virgo
Self and Others (multiple articles) article

The first week of May, 2011, is called
“Corporate National Compliance and Ethics Week.”
It has, no doubt, come about as a result of growing
economic and fiscal crises. The focus is on making
“excellence a habit” in order to reduce tremendous
losses resulting from fraud and other
unethical deceptions and practices.

So, how does our
birth map reveal
our movement
through time?

Uranus and the sign he rules, Aquarius (an “Air Sign”)
has much to do with such things as: Revolution,
independence, atomic energy, explosive energies,
tornados, earthquakes, pioneering, inventions,
research, science, humanity and humanitarianism. article

Our Saturn-Capricorn and Libra-Venus experiences can be the
arena for turning “stumbling blocks” into the “stepping stones”
that always exist beneath the surface.

This is a natural cycle for more socially responsible
controls to be put into place; a time for pooling resources
and opening more to Oneness Consciousness –
the emergence of the “Self”!

An Astronomical and
Astrological Perspective

The most important “planet” in Astrology is the Sun.
At the center of our Solar System,
the Sun stands as a symbol of creativity,
life force and will power.

President Obama’s
Second (Corrected)
~ A Transpersonal Astrological and
Metaphysical Perspective

The corrected Inauguration took place on
January 21st at 7:35 p.m. in the White House
as Obama stood in front of a portrait of
Benjamin Latrobe, the architect of the U.S. Capitol.
And the birth horoscope of that event leaves no doubt in my mind, that it does
stand as a symbol of what had taken place at the right time and place,
and with the right person to fill that office.

The Moon
The Moon is one of the most important factors in interpreting birth
potentials and their unfoldment in time. And the phases of the Moon
are a very significant tool for the Self and Spiritual knowledge which is
Transpersonal Astrology’s greatest gift. article

When we develop the habit of restructuring the way we choose to view things,
(Mercury) and begin to “see the glass as half full,” and learn that every
“stumbling block” can be a “stepping stone,” then with that attitude,
we may come to relax and enjoy the subjective growth that can take
place under Retrograde Mercury cycles. article

Venus & Love
Venus plays a key role in Astrology’s branch
called “Synastry.” In synastry we can see areas of
potential harmony and discord in relationships.
Compatibility potentials are revealed in chart comparisons.

00When we think of Astrology and the planets in our
solar system we sometimes forget that our planet, Earth,
is very much a factor in interpreting what the other planets
might symbolize. In this article we will touch on some of the
ways in which Earth factors into the art-science of Astrology.

00Ares the Greek God of war is considered by some
to be not so much the God of War, as of its horrors,
confusion and tumult. More than an adversary of the Self,
Ares is considered to be associated with the desire
and the natural impulse to maintain the physical life.
Ares is Mars the Roman God of War.


Jupiter in Capricorn
Jupiter completes its circuit through all 12 signs in the
zodiac every 11.9 years. It spends about one year in
each sign. Jupiter entered the sign, Capricorn on
December 18, 2007 and will be the symbolic
psychological driving force for all that Capricorn stands for,
until it moves into the next sign, Aquarius on January 5, 2009.


The Collective
of Saturn In Virgo

A major turning point occurs in our lives
every 29-1/2 years from birth. This is called
our “Saturn return.” article...


The Collective Significance
of Uranus In Pisces

What we think of as “stumbling blocks” in
Life are always “stepping stones” in disguise.
With Uranus transiting through Pisces “as well
as the related transit of Neptune through
Aquarius” it can be a time for Humanity to find breakthroughs
in such areas as we’ve discussed. article...


Neptune in Aquarius
There is an increased desire for people to want
to crystallize dreams. There’s likely to be new
inventions and scientific discoveries which can help
Mankind, in such areas as healing and fuel
and energy sources. Past individuals, friends
and groups are likely to come together again.
Many will want to connect more
firmly with their Inner Being. article...

Pluto’s Alignment with
Galactic Center

In late August of 2006 the International
Astronomical Union got together and
decided to kick old Hades, or Pluto
(the Greek god of the underworld)
out of the “planetary UN.” article...


Pathways to Consciously
Creating A Joyful Life

The key to true allowing this Joyful
Alignment with Who-We-Really-Are,
is wanting so much to feel good
that we are no longer willing to
“go anywhere” that doesn’t!

Umile by Heather Cole


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