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Sun Sign
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For the next several issues we will discuss some of the natural birth potentials for each of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac (“circle of animals”).

However, in this first issue we will discuss some of the basics of Astrology and its Signs, Planets, Houses and Aspects.
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Astrology is an art-science tool, a symbolic language that can be used, by the ernest inquirer after meaning, as a tool for accessing Inner Guidance. Carl Jung referred to Astrology as the “Mother of Psychology.” It has been defined as an observable parallelism between nature’s cycles and what is going on here (...”On Earth as it is in the heavens.”). It has also been considered to be a “consciously liveable mythology.”

Certainly, one of Astrology’s greatest benefits for mankind, is that it (the horoscope or ‘birth mandala of seed potentials,” as Humanistic Astrology pioneer, Dane Rudhyar, has referred to it) can be for Self and Spiritual Knowledge.
There are different Zodiacs considered in Astrology. There’s the Sidereal Zodiac based on fixed star groups; and this is commonly used in the East and India. However, the more commonly used Zodiac in the west is a dynamic Zodiac. One that considers the 12 Signs to begin at the Vernal Equinox (a point along the Ecliptic or the apparent path of the Sun around the Earth). This point is where the Sun arrives on the first day of Spring; a point when the Earth’s equatorial plane intersects the plane of the Ecliptic.

This March 21st conjunction is considered to be the starting point of the dynamic (vs. Fixed star) Zodiac. This is call the first degree of Aries.

Then, every 30 degrees of relative movement of the Sun along the Ecliptic constitutes another “Sign”: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capri-corn, Aquarius, and winding up with Pisces to complete the 360 degrees in one year’s time. The Signs, then represent the annual cycle of unfoldment between the Life-giving Sun and the Earth.

This dynamic Zodiac, thus, represents the relative relationship between the Sun and the Earth. And the 12 Signs are measured along the Ecliptic.

There are 4 basic components in the Astrology horoscope: Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects. The Planets stand as symbols of psychological driving forces. The Signs color or modify the energies of any planet found in a Sign. The Houses, are simply sectors of space, as viewed from Earth and they begin at any birth moment. The 1st house is marked off along the Ecliptic as a line extended out from the local Eastern horizon, from the latitude and longitude point on the Earth. Then, as the Earth rotates, the next “Sign” rises, a new sign rising with every 2 hours of Earth’s rotation on its axis. So, in 24 hours, all 12 Signs have come up at that extended Eastern horizon plane. The houses symbolize the various departments of Life.For example, the marriage house, career house, money house, etcetera. They are a “stage” or “setting” for the “actor’ or “actress” planets to unfold the “scripts” which the Signs stand for.

The “Aspects” or angles between the various Planets symbolize the “plot” of the “play.” For example a square or 90 degree angle between Planets would show a blockage or developmental tension pattern. Squares are for construction - or obstruction - depending on the free-will choice of thoughts of the person involved. A trine, or 120 degree angle between planets, in the horoscope map of the relative positions, would unfold more as an opportunity or creativity.
“Horoscope” stands for a map of the heavens for a particular “hour” and date. When the time of birth is known, we construct a chart for the placement of planets and signs in their relative positions as viewed from Earth. However, when the birth time is not known, we can construct what is called a “Solar Chart”. This simply means we place the Sun on the Eastern horizon and that acts as the “Ascendent” sign. The relative locations of the planets in Signs would be close to the same as in a natal chart, where the Sign coming up on the Eastern horizon would be the “rising sign.”
Solar Chart interpretations are considered more from an adult character (Sun) development perspective. They can be quite accurate for purposes of delineation, and for transiting and progressed cycles, to see future probabilities and timing.

Over the next several issues we will begin to reveal some of the key Sun Sign “seed potentials,” which may help readers to better understand, and appreciate and accept our diversity in our Oneness. We will do these interpretations from a Sun-in-Sign perspective, without discussing the influences of the “houses” and “aspects.”

My viewpoint on Astrology is pretty much in alignment with the Talmud’s: “Everything is foreseen but free will is given.” However I will write about these birth potentials with Carl Jung’s words in mind as well; “Free will is the ability, to do gladly that which I must do.”

In Oneness, Dennis

Sun Sign Potentials
A Guide to Understanding Self and Others


Greetings! We’re back to what we began in the July 2011 issue of Metaphysical Times. In that column we covered some of the basics of Astrology, and for those who are interested you can review that information in the archived article by going to and clicking on the article.
Over the next several issues now we will discuss, one at a time, some of the key “Sun Sign” Potentials for each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. We will try to line these up as close as possible to the actual Sign the Sun will be transiting through around the time of the publication.
The Sun is moving through the 30 degrees of the Sign Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18) soon, so we will begin with that Sign. (Even if the current Sign is not your Sun Sign, you still might find it interesting to understand others you know who were born under that Sign – perhaps a friend, a relative or someone close to you).
Before we begin to talk more specifically about your natural life potentials, it may be helpful to briefly describe Astrology as it relates to your life.
Astrology can show that there are natural cycles and order in our universe. It can help us to feel that our lives do have meaning. And, that that meaning or purpose does fit into the greater Order.
In many ways, Astrology can show how all things are related and interdependent. It shows how natural Universal cycles parallel our Earthly development. The 12 signs of the Zodiac show, symbolically, the cycle of life through which soul development takes place.
Stated simply, Astrology is Nature’s symbolic “language,” available as an art-science “tool” for those who wish to seek deeper meaning to existence. Astrology has been referred to as a “consciously livable mythology.”
There are many approaches to Astrology, just as there are many languages for communicating. Our approach will be based on the Sun’s Sign location at Greenwich noon on the birthday. By “Sign” location we simply mean the Sun’s relative position, as viewed from Earth, in reference to the Spring point. This point, beginning at the Vernal Equinox, is the beginning of the first of the 12 signs, Aries. The Zodiac (“circle of animals”), then, is created by the annual dance of the Earth around the Sun.
In the “language” of Astrology, the signs “color” or modify the energies and psychological drives symbolized by the planets in, or ruling, the Signs.
A “horoscope” is simply a map of where the planets are situated in the Zodiac at any given time as viewed from Earth.
In our Solar house cusp approach to your birth potentials, we will be mainly concerned with your Sun Sign and its relationship to the other 11 Signs. Your Sun Sign will be your 1st Solar “House.” The next natural sign in the Zodiac, after yours, will then be your 2nd Solar house “cusp,” and so on, until there are 12 Signs at the cusps - or “doors” - of the 12 houses. We will then be noting the meaning of how the 12 signs modify or “color” the 12 house cusps which represent 12 major “departments” or categories of life.
Due to space limitation we will mainly consider the 1st, 7th, 4th and 10th Solar Houses and their signs. These can be considered to show the What - Whereto - How - and Why of the birth mandala. These 4 “cardinal” Houses are generally the most significant to be considered.
The main distinction between Signs and Houses is that the Signs show tendencies of the modes of action; and the Houses show the areas of life where these Sign expressions are most likely to take place. Each “house” can have several - but related - meanings. For example” The 1st house can represent the physical body, the individual, new beginnings, or persona. The 2nd “house” can represent: Money; but it can stand for whatever one needs to work with.
In other words we will be able to create a probable life story for you based on your particular Sign and House Cusp combinations. This is a stage beyond “Sun Sign” Astrology.
We all have some of the qualities and experiences symbolized by all 12 signs. However, we usually find that 2 or 3 of these signs will be more outstanding, and the Sun Sign is often a predominant influence.
A natal chart, using time and location of birth, and showing the Ascendent and Planetary Signs, might yield more detail. However, with our Solar House Cusp approach, the areas of life which the planets should influence will be shown at one level. Furthermore, there is another factor which we might call the “Clairvoyancy of Life Effect.” In this situation it means that since you have attracted this particular approach to Astrology and Self-knowledge it may be very appropriate for your needs at this time!
Your birth hour is not needed in Solar Astrology, and with our Solar House Cusp approach, only the Sun Sign is needed to describe your natural life potentials. The Sun is the center of our Solar System, and of this “Solar” approach to Astrology. Because the Sun’s Sign energies are what really reflect from the Moon and Planets, we can see why, for simplicity, the latter can be omitted. Still, we have a system which reveals the essence of the life potentials.
Now the Sun symbolizes more than our conscious life purpose. It also describes, in part, the Ego - the basic person. It has much to do with our vitality, will power, character and creative self-expression. All of this, of course, as shown by the Sun’s Sign “coloring.” For these reasons your Solar chart Sun Sign Potentials and experiences can be strongly tied in with your character development and creative self-expression.
Astrology can reveal our feeling, acting and thinking tendencies. These, in turn, create our character - depending upon how we respond and what we dwell on with our free-will - and this character seems to create our tomorrows.
Astrology, can help us to better understand and accept self and others. It may even inspire us to open up more as a channel for Creation by playing out our unique creative role, dedicated in service to all!
As you read the Sun Sign Potentials, allow your gift of intuition to operate. This works best when your motives are from the heart and based on love.
When you feel, intuitively, or wonder, if a general statement may apply to a particular area or circumstance in your life, you will probably be right. Through this “clairvoyant” reading you may gain more understanding relating to your birth potentials.
The Sun Sign somewhat describes the father, children, and traits a woman desires in a man. It “colors” how we tend to express ourselves romantically, and how we use our energy and creativity for personal development and show. So the following information will be revealing in these areas as well. Although this information involves probabilities, most highlights mentioned are likely to materialize sooner or later. By accentuating the positive potentials you may develop your character further. This may give you more freedom to consciously create your own future.
Nature’s “language,” Astrology, can help to bring you deeper self-understanding and spiritual knowledge. However, it may be worthwhile for you to consider that Astrology may work because evolving Mankind has created it through accumulated beliefs and consensus of agreement over thousands of years. For all we know, as “children” of Creation, or Perspecitves of Source Energy, we may have thought-believed the visible physical plane, and stars, into existence - our Reality! Just as we believe in aging, dying, this religion, that religion, and so on! Our accumulated feelings and beliefs in the collective Mind, then, really can become our reality! Consider the aphorism: “As above, so below, as below, so above”!
What is being suggested, then, is that each of us may have the free-will to view Creation in our own way. And that truth can be all things - not just this reality or that reality. So “fate versus free-will” may boil down to what we choose to believe. Fate may involve a belief in the collective standards and generic criteria to be lived by. Whereas free-will may be proportional to our ability to live according to our deepest inner feelings as individuals. Carl Jung suggested that “Free will is the ability to do gladly that which I must do.” The suggestion here, is that the natal horoscope of “seed potentials,” symbolizes the free will, before incarnating, of the “What - Whereto - How & Why” of our Soul’s “game plan.”
In any case, as you read these potentials, you may find yourself wondering if a general statement may apply to a particular area, or circumstance, in your life. These first “intuitive impressions” will often be right. Through this “clairvoyant listening” you may gain more detail and understanding about your birth potentials... as you perceive them!

Aquarius 1st House Cusp Influences
(The following ties in with the “WHAT” of your Life focus)

Your Sun Sign, Aquarius, is a fixed air sign. Like the other two air signs, Gemini and Libra, this is an intellectual and social energy. Being of a fixed quality, however, shows that you are not as changeable or adaptable as your airy relatives, Gemini and Libra. Instead, you’re more likely to be persistent, goal-oriented, and interested in organization. Often your results in life will come through determination. Your ruling planet is Uranus, the planet relating to originality, universality and sudden change.
Your energy is more activated through social pursuits, groups, organizations, your friends or your goals. You need people. In some way, people and social activities are a natural part of your life. However, you also need to be alone periodically. You need to know that you can have your independence and freedom to be an individual.
You possess creative genius and a capacity to make a personal contribution to the progress of mankind.
You are capable of being friends with all sorts of people, although not for too close a friendship with most. Most people view you as friendly. Yet some who might want to be closer to you, might see you as being somewhat detached or impersonal. You have a revolutionary spirit and some people see you as being wild.
Each sign has a natural love. For you, this can be a love of your friends, your social activities and ideas; and your goals and freedom. You are curious, communicative, diplomatic and appreciative of beauty and harmony. These tendencies stem from the Gemini and Libra energies within you.
You are capable of showing leadership and creativity - especially amongst your friends or in group or organizational activities.
You have an ability to teach or do social work. You could work with children or young people. Social situations, your friends and your goals, have a very personal influence on you. You can be quite proud or showy, when it comes to the people in your life.
New and progressive things stimulate you. You are likely to experience many new beginnings in your lifetime, relating to goals, groups, friends and social activities.
You are anything but conventional! Sometimes you tend to create revolutions or shake others up - or shock people.
You are an inventive, pioneering, unique individual - truly “marching to a different drummer!”

Leo 7th House Cusp Influence
(The following basically relates to the “WHERETO” of your Life’s intended experiences.)

You tend to attract a creative, romantic, dramatic and entertaining type of partner. You tend to be proud of your partner. This person is loving and generous - especially when they are in command or being the leader, or “running the show.” Your partner would be strong-willed commanding personality with a well-developed ego. And this partner, or mate, would need to stand out as an individual. This is the sort of person with an ability to be “on stage” or to entertain others in some way.
Your partner also enjoys being entertained, including parties and vacations in the Sun.
Your natural-leader partner is a fun-loving person who seems to enjoy or attract children or young people. Your children would be a lot like your spouse.
It’s interesting to note that you Aquarian types are the one sign in the Zodiac who naturally happen to attract your own type! So besides all of the Leo qualities we’ve just touched on, your partner would also have many of your Aquarian traits. These, of course, include: Intelligence, independence, social sense, strong will, and so on. And, of course, like you, they can be a bit weird or unpredictable at times!
You have potentials to form partnerships with people or groups. Other people are very significantly involved in your destiny. You also hold the potential for coming out before the public in some way. You treat most people as equals.
You could meet your mate through school, while on vacation, or through a fun social activity. Often your type meets a partner through friends or a club or group. You have a strange connection between relationships at the friendship level and the romantic level. It’s possible that you could first become friends with someone and then find that it develops into something more romantic. Certainly you have a need for your partner to be your friend and to share some common goals. You have friends in both sexes.
As much as you need others, you also need to be free - to be an individual.
Through your close associations you’ll learn to be more creative, and to come down-to-Earth and enjoy life and love more. On the other hand, people who come closely into your life may learn through the experience how to be a bit more objective, independent, detached, and concerned more about loving all people! You can give love without always expecting it in return.

Taurus 4th House Cusp Influence
(The following ties in
with the “HOW” of
your Life Purpose)

Your parents are determined, strong-willed, people. Your Mother is practical, down-to-Earth and sometimes stubborn. She is interested in quality, security and loyalty. As you get older you are likely to become more interested in security and harmony. You’ll also become more practical, and could acquire quite a few possessions in the home.
Your home is your castle, You appreciate and will work to produce, things of beauty, comfort and harmony for your home. This can include art objects, good food and music.
Your Mom - or family - may assist you financially at times. You may tend to be a bit possessive or stubborn when it comes to home, property or family matters.

You tend to put money into the home or buy things for the home. Nature may become more - and - more important to you as you get older.

Scorpio 10th House Cusp
(The following relates to the “WHY” of your intended Journey through this

You are resourceful and a good manager in your work. Others see you as strong willed, inventive, revolutionary, and as a person with very definite likes and dislikes. You probably know just what sort of work you would like to do, and what you would not want to do.
You have the potential to get involved in issues or work which could affect many people. In fact, you’re “born again” as you begin to feel that your accomplishments or career are not just for you, but could also affect mankind in some way.
You are capable of causing quite a stir in your work or social accomplishments or involvements. This is because you are somewhat of a revolutionary spirit and you are interested in progress and the future. Often others are not ready for what you know has to happen - sooner or later.
You are able to research and “solve puzzles” in your career. You may be able to use the occult and other progressive means in your work or to help find fulfillment in life.
You have a desire to be respected for your ability to research, make discoveries, and help bring about major changes.
What you do out there in the eyes of the world can have a regenerative effect on you. In fact, some of your most profound experiences relate to your ambitions, career, father, authorities, or a boss. And if you’ve developed a deep feeling sense of responsibility for humanity, the changes you get involved in could bring to you some degree of fulfillment or recognition.


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