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President Obama’s
Second (Corrected) Inauguration
~ A Transpersonal Astrological and Metaphysical Perspective

When I received an article from a friend, which mentioned that Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration would occur during a time we Astrologers refer to as “Void-of-Course” (VOC) Moon, I was somewhat surprised. “Surprised” because Obama’s natal horoscope (Self-created birthmap of “seed potentials” for this incarnation) shows that he has probably been involved with this country in the “past” - quite likely as Abraham Lincoln and even involved significantly in the Revolutionary formation of the United States. I was surprised because his birthmap shows a natural potential to lead this country into a new kind of “Revolution” or rebirth. I was mainly surprised because, things begun during a VOC Moon cycle are not likely to come to fruition. The good that the planets might symbolize during such a period is not likely to manifest. For example, in the article I received it was pointed out that the four Presidents who were inaugurated at noon under a VOC Moon, on January 20th in: 1945 (Roosevelt), 1961 (Kennedy), 1973 (Nixon) and 1997 (Clinton), resulted in two presidents deaths in office and two presidents leaving, marked by scandal.

Now a VOC planet or Moon occurs when the transiting body in a Sign makes no more Ptolomeic (major) aspect (angle) to another Planet or the Sun before moving into the next Sign. For the VOC Moon, this occurs every two or three days, and can be in effect for many hours, to as short a time as a few minutes.

During the January 20, 2009 Inauguration at Noon, the Moon was in the last degree of the Sign, Scorpio. It had made its last “aspect” at 10:37 p.m. (EST) the night before; and it wouldn’t be out of that VOC period until the Moon entered the next Zodiacal Sign, Sagittarius, at 12:30 p.m., a half hour after the “birth” of Obama’s Inauguration!
Some time before the Inauguration I mentioned this VOC situation to a group of people and I suggested: “Wouldn’t it be nice if the Inauguration ‘birthmap’ could somehow be delayed until the Moon entered Sagittarius - the Sign of higher Law, Freedom, Truth, and opportunity for expansion!”

With the VOC Inauguration seemingly being a “done deal,” the next “look-for-the-Silver-Lining” thought I could access was, to erect a horoscope for the moment that Barack Obama sat and first signed something as President, at 2:10 p.m. on January 20, 2009. This created a new “birthmap;” one in which the Moon had just moved out of VOC and into the first degree of the next Sign, Sagittarius. The “Sabian Symbol” for this degree - of 360 symbolic degrees - channeled in 1925 and published in Dane Rudhyar’s, “Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases” - refers to it as: “The will to reaffirm the value of the struggle upon which civilization and group-achievements are founded.” I intended to view that moment as Obama’s birth into office. Then, however, I heard that Obama had summoned Chief Justice, John Roberts, to the White House to conduct a corrected Inauguration - one in which the oath would be spoken correctly by Roberts for Obama to swear in precisely, as Presidents have done in the past.
I decided to consult the ancient wisdom of the I Ching (John Blofeld edition) with the question: “In view of President Obama’s second inauguration on January 21st, 2009 at 7:35 p.m., Washington, D.C., what is the significance of that correctly-worded inauguration?”

The 33rd hexagram (“YIELDING, WITHDRAWAL”) came up, and with moving lines: 4, 5, and 6; which yielded a final hexagram, 15 (“MODESTY”) as a probable outcome. Following are some excerpts from Blofeld’s book: “TEXT Yielding. Success! Persistence in small things wins advantage... this is not a time when we can hope to achieve much; but attention to small matters will stand us in good steed later... SYMBOL this hexagram symbolizes mountains beneath the sky. The Superior Man, by keeping his distance from men of inferior character, avoids having to display wrath and preserves his dignity.”

Before we can look at the probable outcome to this question, as indicated by hexagram 15, we need to look at excerpts from the three moving lines (moving lines represent challenges to be experienced, before the probable outcome indicated in the second hexagram can be considered): “Withdrawal for good reasons- for the Superior Man, good fortune; for people of mean attainments, misfortune!... For when, quite rightly the Superior Man withdraws, lesser men are bound to suffer... Persistence in a righteous course brings good fortune... good fortune results from a withdrawal carried out as a result of rectifying our aims... A ‘sleek’ withdrawal - everything favourable! ... In this case, there can’t be the smallest doubt... as to the wisdom of withdrawal.”

These three moving lines, (“challenges”) then lead us to the probable outcome and response to our question as indicated in hexagram 15: “TEXT Modesty brings success. The Superior Man is able to carry affairs through to completion... COMMENTARY ON THE TEXT This hexagram presages success. It is heaven’s way to pour down succour from above and to shed radiance; Earth’s way is to be lowly and work upwards. Heaven’s way is to diminish what is already over-full and to augment what is modest; whereas Earth’s way is to transform the full and help the modest to flow smoothly. Demons and gods destroy the full but heap prosperity upon the modest. Man’s way is to dislike the full and love the modest. Thus modesty receives reverence and glory; it is a lovely quality; nothing can climb above it. The Superior Man makes it his goal. SYMBOL This hexagram symbolizes a mountain in the center of the Earth. The Superior Man takes from where there is too much in order to augment what is too little. He weighs things and apportions them fairly.”

The I Ching response to our question seems to suggest what Obama did when he was given an incorrect oath by the Chief Justice, John Roberts. Instead of choosing anger during the initial Inauguration, Obama called Justice Roberts to the White House to administer the oath of office the next evening with the correct words. This was the “withdrawal” mentioned in the I Ching response. The response goes on to say: “ Persistence in small things wins advantage...” and, “The Superior Man (meaning he who is wise) is able to carry affairs through to completion.” This seems to reflect what took place. And the “Good Fortune” mentioned suggests that this was the right thing to do.

Certainly, this corrected Inaugural chart is much to be desired over the original VOC chart for January 20th, 2009. And, the Cancer Part of Fortune (a fortunate focal outlet for the overall purpose of the four years ahead - which includes embodying higher Truths into useful systems and institutions for this Nation... and beyond) - is conjunct the USA July 4, 1776 Natal Sun. The beneficial supportive potentials which this suggests should become clear during the next four years, and especially during the fourth of July Anniversary periods.

The corrected Inauguration took place on January 21st at 7:35 p.m. in the White House as Obama stood in front of a portrait of Benjamin Latrobe, the architect of the U.S. Capitol. And the birth horoscope of that event leaves no doubt in my mind, that it does stand as a symbol of what had taken place at the right time and place, and with the right person to fill that office. I say this because the 1st degree of Virgo on the Ascendent of the corrected Inaugural chart has a symbol for it, in Rudhyar’s “Mandala” book which states: “In a portrait, THE SIGNIFICANT FEATURES OF A MAN’S HEAD ARE ARTISTICALLY EMPHASIZED.” And Rudhyar’s keynote translation of this 1st degree of Virgo states: “ The capacity to picture to oneself clearly the salient features and the overall meaning of any life situation.”

This second Inaugural chart’s Virgo Ascendent, with Capricorn Mercury, ruling planet (A key to Obama’s fulfilling this term) in the 5th house of leadership, along with a stellium of planets in the 5th and 6th houses, all speak loudly of powerful professional leadership in Spiritually-inspired Service to Humanity. Rudhyar’s Sabian symbol for this ruling planet Mercury’s 29th degree of Capricorn speaks of: “...Clairvoyance, the capacity to see in everything the Signature of deeper realities.” In this second Inauguration chart, we find Saturn (Career) in the first house of leadership in the 22nd degree of Virgo (Service). The “Sabian symbol” for that degree says: “A ROYAL COAT OF ARMS ENRICHED WITH PRECIOUS STONES, ” Rudhyar goes on to say of this degree for the co-ruler of Obama’s second Inaugural chart: “the certification of aristocratic status, at whatever level ‘nobility’ expresses itself in cultural eminence.” Rudhyar’s key word for this degree is “NOBILITY.” I think that anyone who has “ears to hear” can perceive this Nobility in our new President. A President who WE have called forth, after having experienced enough “contrast” - which WE also created - in order to impel us to “turn the other cheek” towards what we would prefer!

And what we’re coming to prefer may be more in alignment now with what is reflected in this corrected Inaugural chart; and certainly in alignment with the Life Focus of our new President! I feel that his birth potentials reveal a creative and independent mind, and that he is here to embody his ideals into practical, organized, workable, systems and institutions. He is very capable of confidently generating pioneering ideas.

The Collective significance of the corrected second Inauguration is further reflected by the Sagittarian Moon in the fourth house of this Inaugural chart. The Moon and the fourth house symbolizes such things as nurturing and support, as well as a sense of family or roots. This Moon is closely conjunct the Ascendant in the Dane Rudhyar calculated chart for the July 4th 1776 birth of our United States. The Sabian symbol for the US Ascendant in 14º Sagittarius speaks of: “The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx” (think - back of US one dollar bill!). Rudhyar’s keynote translation for this core symbol of our country says: “The enduring power of occult knowledge and of its quasi-divine Custodians, ‘seed-men’ of a previous cycle of existence” (think- US and “Atlantis II”!).

Rudhyar’s bottom line keynote for this symbol of our United States is, “THE POWER OF SPIRITUAL ANCESTRY.” And the Obama corrected Inaugural chart Moon sits in support of re-evoking this Power. If - as has been suggested by others - many who incarnate and live in the United States are significantly linked with Atlantis and its past destruction, then I feel it is possible that President Barack Obama is here in this “time,” in our ever-expanding multi-dimensional Journey, to help us to “get it right.” To help us to choose Oneness Consciousness and Unconditional Love over separative consciousness and fear.

It is interesting to note the New Moon phase under which the Inauguration took place; it was exactly conjunct (“unification”) the US chart south Lunar Node (the “past”) in the 7th degree of the New Age Sign, Aquarius. Rudhyar’s Sabian symbol for this degree says: “The emergence of new mutations according to the great rhythms of the cosmos... THE EMERGENCE OF GLOBAL MAN.”

Barack Obama was born to lead and be of service to a larger number of people regardless of challenges from those who may disagree. Seems to bring to mind words of Albert Einstein: “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

Obama’s natal south Lunar Node (the “past”) is exactly conjunct the Rudhyar US chart Natal Moon! And his progressed moon will align with the US chart Moon this summer. This suggests an opportunity to use natural resources with intelligent foresight, knowledge, ingenuity and skill, to insure our future well-being. These birth potentials and the strong rapport between President Obama’s birthmap, the US and corrected Inaugural charts, bring to mind the words of Carl Jung: “Free-will is the ability to do gladly that which I must do.”

Well, here he is, and it’s our responsibility to help create the changes that he can lead us to. We can help by choosing Love over fear and by recognizing that our choice of thoughts are creating our future. Optimism, faith and the “Golden rule” can lead to a life that better reflects our “United” (“Oneness Consciousness”) potentials, and help lead us to awaken the Unconditional Love which is at the core of who We Really Are.


In Oneness, Dennis

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